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Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Mobile Apps Enthusiasts: If you struggle & do not know any programming & coding knowledge, grab this high converting AMB Drop & Drag Mobile App Builder Toolkit

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It’s NOT a course, IT’S a SHORTCUT

If you are looking for a 15-hour long course, or a 321-page book, or a workshop that is more about theory and less about work … Then this is not for you …

The AMB Drop & Drag Mobile App Builder Toolkit is your Shortcut to create high converting mobile apps without any programming or coding knowledge required.

If you don’t want to spend all your free time learning IT & programming; use, this AMB Drop & Drag Mobile App Builder Toolkit to develop & designed your own customized mobile apps in record time.

Mobile Apps Builder | Apple and Android App Maker

7 problems Why Majority Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Mobile Apps Enthusiasts Face In Building Their Own Mobile Apps...

You Know Why? 🤔 It is due to these reasons:


You want to build your own mobile app / mobile apps but ... you're not an IT expert!


You want to start, but you worry about the cost of starting and building a mobile app / mobile apps is very high.


You have an idea of the products or services of interest to sell, but you do not know the best way to build a mobile app to do this fast.


You want to build a mobile app, but worried you cannot afford to create it, because you do not have the knowledge of graphic and you're not a creative person


You want to build an app / mobile apps, but do not know what type of mobile apps to build; that can give you a profit every day.


You want to build mobile apps for financial freedom with your family, but do not know the right track because too many SCAM on the Internet


You want to build your mobile apps, but must be careful because the wrong way or ignorance of the terms & conditions by Google & Apple might destroy the opportunity and credibility of your account.

“Working as a team, will help to solve this as we keep updated each other on the latest Do’s & Don’ts’ & any changes in Play Store & App store; Terms & Condition and Rules & Regulations”

So, what's the solution?

You don’t need to spend 2 years learning IT & programming. You can use AMB Drop & Drag Mobile App Builder Toolkit and start develop & designed your own customized mobile apps.

And if you are interested, you can learn codes & programming afterward.

Amazingly simple 4-step AMB Drop & Drag Mobile App Builder CMS Toolkit for non- coders & programmers

I know, you’re an expert in your niches. You are a successful business owners, entrepreneurs, academicians or work from home entrepreneurs. 

Why should you learn codes & programming? It has NOTHING to do with your business, work or life, right?

The answer is YES and NO.

Yes, you don’t need to be an expert at codes & programming to create your own successful mobile apps.

And no, because if you want to build mobile apps, get more downloads or get more clients, you have to be better at codes & programming.

There must be a better way, mustn’t there?

I am a Mobile Apps Programmer. AMB Platform is Great for Beginners and Programmers to Build Apps Without Coding...

Introducing the 4-step to start develop & designed your own customized mobile apps, specially designed for Non-Coders & Non-Programmers

If you don’t want to spend years learning codes & programming, but you want to develop & designed your own customized mobile apps and turn downloaders of your Apps into customers,follow this 4-step system:

#1: Find App Idea

To find the right app idea might be a challenge if you don’t know have the structure to identify this.
Don’t worry, we will show you how to find the apps that will have high downloads & look after by users around the world.

#2 : Select Templates

Choose the best template or features that you want to design and  develop your apps. If you have no ides Just use our recommended templates that we have made easy for you to follow step by step.
And YES, there is no need to code at all.

#3 : Insert App Content

Inserting the apps content don’t need you to be an IT savvy as everything is just drag & drop. 
Guess what? YES, your are right. We have prepared everything that you need to insert your app content.

#4 : Publish & Start Generating Income

Congratulations. At this point you have successfully create your first app (and definitely many more to come).
Next is to publish to Google Playstore & Apple Appstore & start generating income.

Update Your Code-Free, Drag-and-Drop App Online with Ease

Grow Your Business by Creating aN App Without Coding

There’s no question mobile apps are trendy—but hiring a programmer to create these apps can be expensive. Launching a complex app for a brand new idea like Uber will cost many thosands or even millions to start with…

Enter AppsMasterBuilder. Our system is designed to help new entrepreneurs and long-time business owners create code-free apps using our seamless system. They can create & publish as Android or IOS in Google Playstore & Apple Appstore or even launched a PWA.  Test out which options work best for their needs, build simplified versions, gain feedback, and make further improvement & generate income as soon as possible without the need to engage a programmer. 

The earning potential is immense. Apps can earn entrepreneurs potential great income per day depending on types of apps built —and by launching multiple drag-and-drop apps, business owners and passive income enthusiasts can gain the tools to increase their earnings over time.

UNLIMITED Access to AMB Drag & Drop App Builder Server

Some of our users, upon purchasing sometimes are derailed with other work and not able to start working on their app. This will unlock the unlimited access that will give you a piece of mind as your account will be unlimited for life.

Apps Development

As we build our apps, we may want to try out different option or tinker around with few theme or type of apps. You will be able to do as many apps you liked as you have unlock unlimited Apps Development & can play around it as your creativity flows through…

UNLIMITED Access to AMB Academy for Videos & Manuals

Our Apps Builder are continuously updated & improved to follow current mobile apps trends. You will be able to view the latest videos & manuals with ease. The unlimited access will not make you worry you need to rush in learning and you can follow your own pace.

"Smooth-Action'' Support

Your success is our mission. Therefore, we provide you with Coaching & Unlimited “Smooth-Action” Support via our  Facebook Group, Telegram Groups & Bug Tickets Support. In these groups you will be able to point screenshots, voicemails and all your questions will receive invaluable feedback & help whenever you need it.

Bonus #1 :
Apps Development "Over The Shoulder" Gives You A Proven Path To Publish App Fast ... Now!

People are sick and tired of courses. They don’t want to learn. They just want results. This is where we have prepared the step by step for you to create your own apps more QUICKER and EASIER than a course.
 This will save you TIME & MONEY so that you can get your apps UP & RUNNING almost immediately

Bonus #2 :

Quick Tips on Mobile Apps Creation!


Some of you may not even know what type of apps will have high downloads or even what type of apps to build. . We give you a fast quick tips on how to get ideas on what type of apps to build and also find different type of apps that is highly in demand.

Bonus #3 :
How To Create Simple & Fast Description!

Some people dreaded after their apps is ready is next to create the Description required to publish to Google & Apple. We show you a very fast way to do this instantly without the need to spend days figuring out the best way to come up with the description!

Bonus #4 :
Design Hacking Is The Secret To Automatically Build Graphics Fast!

You are a business owner, entrepreneurs & Coaches, and of course majority do not know how to do graphics. This will show you the shortcut in graphic designs and important support that help you create awesome graphics without the need to spend any money buying expensive software’s.

No Turning back for me as Mobile App Developers...

I Started My Journey As a Newbie's Without Any Technical & Coding Knowledge...

Mobile Apps Builder | Apple and Android App Maker

Total Value: $3432

Special Offer: $197

Do You Know That Even Google Endorse No-Code Mobile-Application-Building Platform...?

Yeah! And That's Super Cool!

Mr. Zavery the VP & Head of Platform for Google Cloud at Google, said on Google views on no-code mobile-application-building platform is about giving everyone a chance to build mobile applications, even companies lacking traditional developer resources to build a mobile presence!

Our core mission is unchanged however we want to ‘democratize’ app development by enabling as many people as possible to build and distribute applications without writing a line of code.

AMB Drag & Drop Mobile App Builder Toolkit:
Create YOUR OWN Mobile Apps Without Engaging Expensive Programer
– Unlimited Access

Are you looking to build or ready to create an app for  iOS and Android —without coding required?

With this AMB Drag & Drop Mobile App Builder Toolkit, you to do just that. You can gain unlimited access to our AMB Drag & Drop Mobile App Builder Platform. You will learn everything there is to know about building and updating applications your customers love without the need to code.

The program offers versatile drag-and-drop solutions tailored to your business model. 

With AMB Drag & Drop Mobile App Builder by your side, generating active business income & supplemental income is well within reach.

Everyday Problems of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Mobile Apps Enthusiasts…

Let’s be real for a while. There are actually 3 big problems most of the experts have to face every day.

But you know what? It happens very often. So those Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Mobile Apps Enthusiasts have to face it every day.

Every. Single. Day.

And they’ll have to do it again tomorrow… Until they find out the main reason, it continues….either their mobile apps is not being built or near ready, they don’t have any downloads or they do have enough clients.

The solution, meanwhile, is very simple: they need AMB Drop & Drag Mobile App Builder Toolkit.

Because yes, codes & programming can help solve all of these problems. You just need to know how to create mobile apps…. …or you can use proven AMB Drag & Drop Mobile App Builder CMS Toolkit to get awesome results without being a professional IT Programmer.

how to built app_drop and drag apps builder

Let me also share you one BIG Hidden Secret; which is; some Programmers also use our AMB Drop & Drag Mobile App Builder Toolkit to build for their clients.

Check Sharing By Mr.  Hassan Jamilaj below who has 25 years experience in programming: 

Somebody in one of my programs ask me this: “Kartina, if building apps can be this simple? How come programmers still charge massive amount of money to create apps for their clients?

My answer is a question back to him? “If you do not take my program, do you know that mobile apps can be created this way? Hence many people out there still do not know, that’s why Programmers are still able to charge huge amount of money even if they decide to use platform such as this.

Now we are sharing you a SOLUTION to resolves engaging expensive programmers! So, what is your next step?

Basic Drag-and-Drop Features

Our basic features are extremely easy to integrate. Ideal for beginners, they represent a seamless addition to your business arsenal. Think coding-free app creation unlike ever before.



With this feature, you will be able to create a list of job offers.



With the Twitter feature you will be able to include your Twitter account in your application.



The Facebook embed module lets you easily embed and promote any public Facebook Page on your App. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like and share the Page without leaving your site.



You will be able to integrate your playlists or the one of your favorite artists into your app.



You’ll be able to integrate videos from Youtube galleries, Podcast and Vimeo. If you want to integrate a business video gallery.


This feature allows you to create image galleries. You’ve got five options: Picasa, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook with your own photos.


Your customers can schedule an appointment at your business(es).


This feature allows you to create Product pages similar like a flyer. This is not an eCommerce page. It do not have a shopping cart. Its just a flyer , brochures with just info of your products listing in a catalog form.


Set Meal

Here is the feature for creating menus or bundles for a business. You’ll be able to create as many menus as you want.

Custom Page

Custom page allows you to enlighten your business by numerous ways. You can put cover page images, sliders images, address, write an article with a picture or not.

Code Scan

Will allow your customers to use their camera to flash a QR Code and to access specific content.


Users are able to create either a news wall or a social wall inside their app.


Allows you to create a contact page for your business.


The Calendar feature will allow you to share with your users the place and date of your events and the ones you will be present to.


The form feature allows you to do plenty of things like giving your clients the opportunity to ask you questions, to order products, send a photo or join an event.

Loyalty Cards

Able to create a loyalty’s punch or stamp card. It means there will be a reward after a number of purchases.


You able to set your own maps so that users can use exactly like a Google Map.


Able to sell your products from one or several store. Users will be able to pay online via Paypal or Stripe, to pay at your store or at the delivery.


Able to lock your app wholly or partly. The locked content will be accessible for authorized users only.


You will be able to create a list of geolocated places.

Privacy Policy

A Standard Privacy Policy as required by the US Law. Will always be updated to comply with latest regulations.

QR Coupons

Allow you to create discount coupons that will be unlocked by scanning a specific QR Code. Once unlocked, the customer can use the discount when he wants.


You’ll be able to create as many discounts as you want and display them in the application.

In App Messages

Allows you to display a message to users that are currently using your application.


With the “Radio” feature you can add a radio streaming inside your app.

RSS Feed

Allows you to integrate feeds from blogs or news websites.


To create an a sub pages inside your app and make it easy to organize topics and sub-topics of your app



Business owners will be able to increase the purchasing frequency of their clients by giving them their ranking.

Source Code

To create your own customization page using HTML 5. Users can also use PHP & Java and link to your own database. A great tool for programmers.


Ability to create multiple links in one page and an be also use as a URL Links for PDF chapters as an alternatives for those who prefers their pdf in URL Links



Offers a weather widget in your app to display the forecasts for a particular city or for your users location.


This is a very straight forward page to link to any web page URL. Just copy & paste and your users has the option of opening inside the app or you can also allows them to open externally.



E Commerce – need to register direct with them.



E Commerce – need to register direct with them.

Volusion Shopify

E Commerce – need to register direct with them.


Incorporate your wordpress site in your app.

Push Notifications

Allows app admin to send PN to all users, via topics/groups/location.

In-App Messages

To create your own customization page using HTML 5. Also to copy HTML codes without IFRAMES.

Tips Calculator

To calculate tips that’s should be paid by travelers on payment via putting in total & percentage of tips in that country.

Advanced App Creation Features

Our advanced features are designed to elevate your current apps. Easy to implement, they will give you the competitive advantage you need to blow your competition out of the water.


Rich Inbox

Private rich messages. Developers can send personal messages to their users.


Progressive Loyalty Card

To launch a loyalty program and reward your customers as they buy from you.

Invite A Friend

This is a Uber style invite a friend mechanism, that will allow App users to refer friends and get points for it.


Woocommerce Native

E commerce – integrate natively any Woo-commerce store in your apps.


Create customer profiles registration on sign ups and collect more info besides just email and name.

Padlock Pro

This module allows app owners to lock pages or group of pages based on different user roles.

Mail Chimp

Auto responder – Integrate Mail Chimp with your app in just a few clicks & Turn your app into a powerful marketing machine.


The feature to create real surveys with logical triggers, and get and download complete results.

Multi-purpose Custom List

This Custom List module is a multi-purpose module which allows you to display various types of lists into your apps.



Auto responder – Integrate Mail Chimp with your app in just a few clicks & Turn your app into a powerful marketing machine.

Appointment Pro

The Appointment Pro module will quickly allow you to add an easy and powerful appointment booking machine to your app. The App owner will be able to create multiple stores, categories, services, and providers with the categorization of delivery type service or class


Realtime Chat

Create your own chat room in your app – easy communications with all your users.

Push Notifications

Allows app admin to send PN to all users, via topics/groups/location.



Allows you to create Topics your users can subscribe to, in order for you to send Push Notifications and In App Messages.

Miga iframe & QR Scanner

SCAN AN EAN or QR CODE and parse the result with a query string (GET) to a website to perform actions.


Current is 37 games – Target is 100 games by 2023.



Create easily your own quizzes, and add as many as you want into your apps.

Nearby Places

New and Dynamic Module which allows user to view Places near by.

Awesome Form

Awesome Forms Module allows admin to create any customized Form which is easily searchable, sortable, editable from Mobile App.

Club Cards

The Club Card module will allow you to launch an airline style membership club card.

Smart Ads

This can be used so that your users can update their products & services.


Your users can now offer items or services locally through your application.


Allow your users to accept donations through their App with Donation module.

Scratch Cards

The users get their rewards saved in the card, and then get them redeemed by code. Information are stored and available in your Analytics section.


It allows users to ask questions to the community and help other users by replying to queries.

Virtual Loyalty Cards

The Virtual Loyalty Card is a module that allows to SCAN and STORE one PHYSICAL LOYALTY CARD inside the APP.

Precise Form

This module could be used in so many ways to gather data.


The Community module is a module that enable App admins to easily create various types of groups & people based apps such as Dating, Networking, Community groups, Clubs, Workgroups, Sports, Teams, Etc…

Nearby Place pro

Nearby Places Pro could also be a Directory App/ Contact Album plus Map Location. Users to be able to fill their data and update into the app like a directory table & also link to nearby places


Pay In App

Charge your users in app via a subscription.


Miga Funnels

This module allows you to send automatic push notifications based on user actions and events.

Cab Ride

Create your own taxi business.

Cost Form

Calculator & form constructor. Create an online calculator of any complexity.

Miga Birthday

MIGA BIRTHDAY is a simple module that allows managing automatically the BIRTHDAY notifications.

Images Gallery

The Image Gallery module is an image gallery that can be added to any App.

Awesome Admin Lite

Send Push or edit any features from clean and simple UI without leaving mobile APP.

GA Tracker

If you value your users behaviour and want to know insights then nobody can help better than Google Analytics.

Smartphone Previewer

We make it easy for our developers to review their apps in development by having a smartphone previewer that need to be install in our own phone. You will be able to view, edit and update the app before final publish.


Website View

Send Push or edit any features from clean and simple UI without leaving mobile APP.


With this feature, it is possible to buy pre-paid coupons packages for any type of service.

Full Search

Full Search is AMB CMS module which adds search bar on home screen of the App and allows user to search across all the features via same common search bar.

SMS Gateway

The SMS Gateway AM CMS module will easily allow you extend the capabilities of your AMB CMS platform by adding SMS functionalities.


XDelivery is an all in one commerce solution, Includes everything you need to create your online delivery app for your Fast Food, Coffee, restaurant.

Enterprise Payment

The Enterprise Payments can be used by any developer to add payment support to their own features in the app. 

Dropbox Sync

Turn your Dropbox folder into a shared folder to host documents for your customers, with private folders for logged-in users.


Add a Flight & Hotel search into your app using your own Expedia affiliate account.

Currency Converter

You can add a currency convertor to help your users calculate currency conversion with this feature



You can add a note pad for your users in your app.



Are you looking for reliable statistics for your APP? Do you want to know how many users are installing and uninstalling your APP?.


To upload images and users can share to their friends as ecard or as images for business purposes via social media, messengers & email.

Miga Reminder

Migareminder is a simple module that allows generating customized reminders inside your APP.


Do you want a huge and powerful phone book of potential customers? Be Smart! Ask to send an SMS to download your APP!


To upload wallpaper/background images for smartphone. These images can also be shared to their friends as ecard or as images for business purposes via social media, messengers & email.

Ebook PDF

To be able to upoad pdf and you users will be able read books like an ebook with bookmark.

App Share

To be able to send to our friends to share our app with links to playstore & appstore ready.

Miga Print

Fully integrated with Mcommerce, Commerce Pro & XDelivery to manage opening and closing hours, manage the queue of the orders directly on the APP, notifications of order and many more to make your order & delivery simplified.


This module module allows your app users to save favorites pages so that they can go straight to the page later rather than search again in the menu..


Miga Manager

This module is allows you to manage your APP directly from the Mobile Phone, without accessing the Control Panel of AMB Drag & Drop App Builder Server. This makes it easy for editing, send Push Notes and send messages directly from the app.


Auth Plus

The AuthPlus module is having 2 important function. One is Age verification and second is Pin authentication


Enquiry & Request a quote has become easier!.


The Phonebook module allows any app user to find the contact info, social post activity and photos of other users who are registered in the app.

Property Listing

The Real Estate module allows users to search property by area, city, developer name & more & then filters the search result using key features like property for, property type, bedroom, and apartment.  


Review Pro

Review Pro module allows you to collect customer reviews for your App and you can allow allows it to automatically Push to the Google Play Store Review of your app.


My Account Pro

Developers will be able to collect database of their users using this module. Developers also are able to pick up other info besides email and name. Info such as mobile number, birthdate and nickname.


E-Wallet module is a digital wallet or Mobile Wallets refers to an electronic device that allows an individual to make online transactions. E-Wallet module allows you to Add money to your Wallet through options like Stripe, PayPal in the most convenient manner.


Commerce Pro

Commerce pro module is the latest new, independent and enhanced version of basic commerce module available in AMB Drag & Drop App Builder. Developers can do apps similar like Lazada, Shoppe & even Food Panda. 



Developers can link this module in Commerce Pro & allows you to create a Marketplace App.

Marketplace module allows your user to post their own products and create their own store from app. All being manage by them directly via the App.



E-Menu is a QR code-based digital menu card & you can update it with more ease than the non-digital menu cards.

Through this feature you will transform the way to show your products to your customers in a very trending way & your customer feel to ease to place orders.


Social Network

Do you want to add social network feature for your clients community app ?

Social network modules implements social profile, friends new feed and user one to one messaging into your app. This module also has a messenger function.


This module allows app admin to create a pin for any feature, app users needs to enter valid pin to access that feature.


Attendance and Leave

– Employee can check-In and Checkout daily with location (Geo location tracking)
– Display total duration of check-In and check Out days wise.
– Employee can view their leaves by different types and they are able to apply.
– Manage absent if not check-In and check Out
– View check-In, check Out history and filter by months
– Messages to Admin


Claim Form

Employee can apply the claims for their business trip or any expenses for the company by filling in simple form and uploading the receipts.

This module for multiple organisation like sales, Property agent, school/collage staffs etc..


PWA - Generator

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a combination of website and mobile app. PWA uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app like experience to the end-user. (Do take note not all our feature pages can open as PWA as some are meant just to be open via smartphone & not as a web-app)



MIGABOT is a module that allows the full integration of the AI Bot inside your AMB.

USERBOT is one of the best chatbot developed over all Europe, it is easy to configure, easy to be trained, and very powerful with AI supporting right now Italian, English and French language.

In-App Link Module

This is a very exciting module whereby it allows allows you to turn your internal pages into Main page.


Force App Update

All the times we shall be updating our apps and the server also go through many updates to keep it updated with Google & Apple requirements. This feature will allows the update to be automatically update to all your users. This will ensure the app remains fully function at all time.

Event Pro

EventPro is an event management and ticketing module. The module allows create, booking and promote local events. Manage and track your sales with real time reporting and analytics.

Embed PDF

You can embed PDF files inside your app and allow your users to view or download it. You can also add many PDF document you want in feature and allow users to download it if you wish to do so.

Catalogue Pro

Catalog pro integrates new functions compared to the default catalog. You can add Product name, Product Description, Category, The sale prices and discount. Can link to the commerce pro for purchase of product.


This feature is specially designed for developers to share folders and files for users and disable it. Ability to also send Push Notes when files are shared to specific users.


With Migalock you can manage access to the contents of your app in a more precise and flexible way, with a login page that can be customized according to your needs and your communication style. 

Car Review

The ideal feature for Car Review Centers, garages and tire repairer with which users can receive a convenient reminder via push notifications or via email for car review, car service or anything else related to their car.

Accordion FAQs

This allows you to display the list of your FAQs into your app. A FAQ page is one of the most important and must-have section for business apps. Most online support teams spend hours of their valuable time every day answering these general questions. While it could’ve been easily avoided by placing a FAQs section into the app.


This module allows your user to create private/public journal within app. This can also be use to create testimonials for your business.

Before & After Images

This feature allows you to compare two images visually. There are many uses case such as photo comparison, product comparison, renovation comparison and display two stages of transformation: Before & after hair-style, weight loss, medical surgery etc.


This module that enable App Admins to easily create various types of Task related App Pages.

It can then be assigned to an individual App Member, select App Members, a Member Group, to all App Members, or App Members can Self-Assign a Task (if enabled).

Google Sheet to Dynamic Table

This module allows you to display table inside your app from the google sheet data. There are many use cases, here are the most widely used…

  • Product / Commodity price table
  • Product specifications table
  • Product / Features / Services comparison table


This feature allows your app members to message each other or staff directly. It has extra functions like User To User Messaging, Staff / Admin To Member Messaging, Favorites, Private members and block users.


Integrate a directory of routes, organized around Points of Interest, and drive people around to discover new places! Create unlimited Points of Interest, unlimited Routes and unlimited Categories.

WA Link Generator

This allows developers to generate WhatsApp click to chat links more easily directly into the app, pre-filled message, link click to copy button, link qr code etc functionalities. Developers can use this as a web link or html link.

About Apps Master Builder

Founder Kartina Abdul Ghani

Kartina Abdul Ghani launched Apps Master Builder to fill a gap in the market: that is, to help entrepreneurs create and update mobile apps and generate a passive income without the need to code.

“I’ve been in mobile apps niche since 2013. I truly believe in one thing:

I truly believe that entrepreneurs are here to help make other people’s lives better and easier…

By creating mobile apps that solve people’s problems.

Many of these experts in their fields but they but they struggle to develop & designed their own customized mobile apps as they don’t know coding’s. And they end up paying high money to programmers and coders without having much success and thinks mobile apps can’t help their business.  And it’s a pity as Mobile Apps Is the Hottest Trends & Digital Marketing Tools in The World Now.


I Created The AMB Drag & Drop Mobile App Builder Toolkit

I don’t want you to feel horrible. Overwhelmed. And frustrated.

Thanks to AMB Drag & Drop Mobile App Builder Toolkit…

You NEVER EVER have to spend months or years learning coding’s from scratch again! 

Never Ever!

That’s Why I’m on a Mission

The mission is to help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mobile Apps Enthusiasts, & Passive Income Opportunist to create their own Mobile Apps, save money, save time & publish to Both Google Play Store, & Apple Appstore.

If you are one of them…

then I’m here to help you….

A registered HRDF trainer since 2014, she has trained more than 800 full-time mobile apprenuers to date—and more than 10,000 people have completed her FREE Intro to Mobile Apps Workshop.

She has published more than 500 apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store. In addition to creating her own mobile apps, Kartina trains entrepreneurs online and onsite at her training center in Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kartina holds a BBA, UiTM, Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management (Project Management), UTM & Professional Diploma in Internet Business & Social Media, OUM. She is a Certified Professional Intellectual Property Manager, MIM, and an ex-Army Officer with the rank of Captain in the Rejimen Askar Wataniah, where she served from 1989 until 2012.

Mobile apps, spending quality time with her 5 sons, and mountain climbing are her current passions. To connect with Kartina, do join her programs and join thousands who has joined her.


What our customers are saying


Our Money-back Guarantee promises full REFUND within 10 days if you not happy with our products. No Questions Ask!


The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent & discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things. Jean Piaget


Online education has succeeded in eliminating barriers and borders, giving everyone the opportunity to have access to education anytime anywhere,

100% Approval Rate

Get your apps approved and live on Apple Store and Google PlayStore.

Frequently Asked Questions

The toolkit is specially designed for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mobile Apps Enthusiasts, & Passive Income Opportunist to help them create their own Mobile Apps without any coding required. However, it does not stop for those who want to learn how to start a business by creating mobile apps for smartphones, either to earn extra income or full time from home.Also, for small companies who want to take their business to reach local and international markets reach using mobile smartphone.

The toolkit is prepared specially for those who do not have a background in coding’s & programming. Nevertheless, we assume you will know how to use simple software like e – mail, Microsoft Word and have used the Internet for browsing for info .

Previous members includes:

  • Those who work fulltime and want to start a business Mobile Apps from home part time .
  • Housewives who want to start a side business from home .
  • Tertiary students who wants exposure to the trade in ” Google Android Playstore ” and IOS Apple itunes Store “
  • Retirees who want to learn the business of Mobile Apps for passive income.
  •  Graduates who are still unemployed and want to make Mobile Apps as a source of income .
  • Business owners who want to expand their business in ” Google Android Play store ” and IOS Apple iTunes Store ” .
  • Professionals who wants to know how mobile apps can expand their profession.
  • Those who have tried business on the Internet but did not do as well as expected.
  • Those who want the freedom of working at home with family …

First of all, it’s not a course. It’s not just a drag and drop android and IOS app builder; its inclusive of easy to use templates and you can further customize it to your own needs or clients needs without coding, aka AMB Mobile Apps Toolkit.

You don’t need to spend hours learning programming to learn on how to develop an app. Just pick a template, fill in the blanks and…that’s it.

YES, the content is available right now.

Yes, you able to publish to both android and IOS stores with most popular one is Google Playstore & Apple Appstore.

You can also use the same file and publish to other Android stores like Aptoid, Amazon, Appszoom and many more stores out there.

Yes, all our users will be able to generate the source code on their own via your AMB Mobile App CMS Builder system.

Seems impossible for somebody who never tries it, however YES, you can customize your own Mobile Apps without any coding required using our AMB Mobile Apps CMS.

Do take note, you do not need to learn any single codes, however our AMB system do allows for codes to be programmed for higher customization, hence that’s why programmers also take up our system as they want to have this flexibility as they know how to code. They are able to use HTML and CSS for basic customization. They could also use PHP and Java however it needs to be put in HTML Iframe and upload into one of our feature pages called “Source Code”.

Please do take note, this is not something you really need to do as majority of our users are able to continue their mobile apps development and do customization without learning any single codes. In future as you gained more knowledge & success in mobile application development, you could continue your mobile development by learning codes.

Main thing, do register &check out for yourself; and if you not happy, you could always ask for refund within 10 days without any questions ask!

Nearly majority of the apps you see in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store are able to be build using our AMB Mobile Apps CMS Server. Check out our Basic Features & Full Features here.

You can see you could customize your own mobile apps from e-hailing apps, appointments apps, booking apps, restaurant & delivery services apps, directory apps & many more in the list. Do check out some mobile apps built by our users HERE. 

When we first started, we only have 10 layouts and 20 feature pages and now we have more than 80 layouts and 150 feature pages. We continue to improve & add more feature pages base on feedback by our users& also to follow current trends. You will see more feature pages added in future.

Join us & built your apps NOW!!!

Yes, this is true and very important. Hence, we started our AMB Mobile Apps CMS Platform with just 10 layouts and now we have more than 80 layouts. We shall continue to create & designed more to follow current trends and outlook for our members. Click here to see current layout options for non-coders.

For coders & programmers, we do share some CSS codes in our AMB Academy to customize more of the layouts and also create your own layout.

For non-coders, this is something some of our users explore as they master and build more apps. Some feels it’s easy as we have all the ready codes. Just pluck in and customize, some will take time to learn and adjust. Majority do not worry at all as success of apps is not just at the layout only.

Our advice for non-coders is don’t make this as a problem / issues as we have ready made layout that can still be customized without coding at all. If you want to learn CSS… do so after you have mastered the basic steps and has publish your apps into Google Play Store & Apple Appstore.

Upon payment, please gives us 24 to 48 working hours to activate and send you an email with all details for you to be able to login into your own AMB Mobile Apps CMS Server & also to gain access to our AMB Academy for all videos & manuals. You also will received an email automatically upon payment confirming your purchase and we also listed in the email on how to join our Facebook support and any other support accorded to you as our online members. Please do take action on this so that when we activate your account we will also approve all Facebook access & other supports provided to you

It’s only USD47. With this payment and at no extra costs, you are able to start creating your first app or more apps and simulate it using the emulator / previewer.

This one-time lifetime payment will allow you to access your own AMB Drag & Drop App Builder CMS server account unlimited with all the bonuses.

Upon completion of your apps, you will need to now generate your apps APK and binary files and publish to Google Play Store & Apple Apps Store. Here, the next step is that you will than need to subscribe to our yearly subscription plan. Please refer pricing structure here.

We have the most competitive pricing in the market with the features pages that we have and we continue to add on more without any extra charges to you.

No, there is no need to make payment to both developer console if you just wish to publish to only one. You can choose which platform is the best for your own apps and marketing programs. You can even choose to publish to only the FREE Platform like Amazon, Aptoide, Huawei and many other free android store platforms, if you wish to do so. It is all up to you.


Our AMB Mobile Apps CMS server comes with Google Admob monetization options. We plan to add more monetization via advertisement in future.

You could also monetize your app by charging your app rather than build apps for FREE. Option is yours!

This is actually something always being bombarded by programmers between coding’s and non-coding’s. However, the reality is building apps non coding; still requires coding’s. The system translates it into codes and make it easy for you. You think its non-coding however behind the scene we do all the heavy lifting for you.  Hence there is no reduction in quality and even programmers also use our platform to build apps for their clients.

We are not just a platform nor a system; we are providing you with a complete AMB Mobile Apps Non-Coding CMS Toolkit that will help you to build apps in record time.
Further to that, the toolkit comes complete with items below that will help you built your first apps

Lifetimes Access to AMB Mobile Apps Non-Coding CMS Platform ($247 value)

Lifetimes Access to AMB Academy for Videos & Manuals on Apps ($1297 value)

Lifetimes “Smooth-Action & Unlimited Bug Tickets Support (priceless)

BONUS #1: Irresistible 10 Apps Development Step by Step – Made Easy ($605 value)

BONUS #2: Quick Tips on Mobile Apps Creation ($77 value)

BONUS #3: How to Create Simple & Fast Description ($47 value)

BONUS #4: Design Hacking for Your Mobile Apps ($47 value)

BONUS #5: Wining Customers for Life in Toughest Economy ($27 value)

We give you total solution toolkit and no extra costs to build your first app. It’s not just a free mobile app builder that will requires you to spend more money & time to complete your first app.

We do not provide a demo account as each server account in our system is not meant for multiple users at the same time. 

Hence what we provide is a 10 days Refund Policy – no questions ask. It will allow our users to have their own server account and check out with enough ample time to review what we have and decide whether to continue or not. 

Plus in this AMB Toolkit we are not offering just a platform nor a system; we are providing you with a complete AMB Mobile Apps Without Coding CMS Toolkit that will help you to build apps in record time.
Further to that, the toolkit comes complete with items below that will help you built your first apps

Lifetimes Access to AMB Mobile App Without Coding CMS Platform ($247 value)

Lifetimes Access to AMB Academy for Videos & Manuals on Apps ($1297 value)

Lifetimes “Smooth-Action & Unlimited Bug Tickets Support (priceless)

BONUS #1: Irresistible 10 Apps Development Step by Step – Made Easy ($605 value)

BONUS #2: Quick Tips on Mobile Apps Creation ($77 value)

BONUS #3: How to Create Simple & Fast Description ($47 value)

BONUS #4: Design Hacking for Your Mobile Apps ($47 value)

BONUS #5: Wining Customers for Life in Toughest Economy ($27 value)

No worries. I stand by my work. If you don’t like it, just write us an email within 10 days and receive your FULL refund right away.

But if you get stuck and still want to use our toolkit, here is the quick fix:

Write a comment in the members area either in the Telegram Support or Facebook Support that you will be invited to join on enrollment, and we’ll help you move forward as smoothly as possible.