Am I able to publish to Android & IOS?

Yes, you able to publish to both android and IOS stores with most popular one is Google Playstore & Apple Appstore. You can also use the same file and publish to other Android stores like Aptoid, Amazon, Appszoom and many more stores out there.

Can I get the source code of the files?

Yes, all our users will be able to generate the source code on their own via our AMB App Builder system.

What does it cost to open my own account?

It’s only USD 47 per year.  With this payment you able to create multiple apps using our system.

Upon payment you will be getting all tutorial which includes videos and manuals to start tinkering around and create your own Mobile Apps using our platform?


What is the next step after I finish my Apps Development? 

Upon finishing and previewing and testing your app using our system, next is to publish your apps to the stores. We recommend Google Play Store first and later Apple Appstore after you have further test and improve.

In order to generate the files required to publish, you now need to choose a subscription plan. Please click here for more information on our subscription. You only subscribe and choose you plan after you finish creating your first app.

You also need to open a developer account with Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

Google charge USD25 lifetime for unlimited apps publishing.

Apple charge USD99 per year for personal account & USD299 per year for organizational account. Both for unlimited apps publishing.

Please click below the link for enrollment and registration with respective developers program.

Enrollment to Google Play Developer Console

Enrollment to Apple Developer Console

There are many more Appstore developer programs like AmazonAptoideFDroid,  QooApp.  ACMarketGetjarSlide MeTapTap.  and many more. Do explore and you able to also publish your apps to these stores. These stores is majority still FREE.

Is there any offline training program that you support?

Yes, we do offer and organised offline training program. We encourage all to attend our FREE INTRO Workshop for further information. Click here for registration.

We encourage you to attend our FREE INTRO Workshop first to get first hand info. However, If you not able to join our FREE Intro Workshop and would like to join our Full Advanced Workshop straight due to locations – Please click whatsaap here for more info.

All our workshop participants will enjoy more further support from our team which includes lifetime support, whatsaap support, facebook support, apps support &  you will be able to follow step by step building apps faster and publish to the playstore & appstore within the same day or 3 days.

You will learn more success factors in apps building that will be shared only with our Premium Full Workshop Programs. Do listen to these testimonials of our Premium Full Workshop Participants.

We look forward for you to join our team soon! Click here