Develop Your Own App in 10 Mins

Absolutely No Coding Required. Simple Drag and Drop Function

So how does Apps Master Builder work?

You don’t need to be an Xcode expert or a software developer to build your own iPhone/iPad/Android application.

1. No Programming Required

You can start creating your Native Android & Apple IOS app right away by choosing a template and adding content, pictures, music, sounds, videos etc. No worries about coding, algorithms, performance, data structures, memory management, memory leaks, multi threading, bugs, fixes, compatibility, SDKs, API, etc.

2. Source Code From Developers

Having a ready-made solution is convenient, but bypass the complications of custom development and have Apps Master Builder assist you with our source code for iOS and Android. We are excited to share the source code with the developer community to expand the possibilities of the app development.

3. White Label Mobile Apps

Apps Master Builder White Label Program allows the mobile app maker the ability to market and sell mobile applications with your own private label. Apps Master Builder has been managing White Label Programs for over 6 years. We value our Publishers and provide dedicated support, customised templates.

Update Your App Seamlessly Online

App Builder Master CMS system allows you to push updates to your user devices instantly.

Sync new content on your app each time a user goes online.

Send notifications to users with a click of a button.

Get updates on your users and their activity on the app.

100% Approval Rate

Get your apps approved and live on Apple Store and Google Play.


Simply put: this makes building an app a breeze! Absolutely no coding experience needed and there are plenty of options and customizations available in every sense. Thank you Apps Master Builder, for an incredible premium - yet affordable software!

Dato Rahman

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