Professional Certificates in Mobile Apps for Business
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The HRDF new economic recovery initiative, PENJANA HRDF –Training Incentive Programme highlights how generating job opportunities and training play a critical part in Malaysia’s fight to get back on its feet in the wake of the COVID-19 peak on unemployment and employability issues.

This initiative was introduced to accommodate the need of businesses / companies as well as for individuals to help them generate income that has likely experienced significant disruption and caused underperformance during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Gig Community Category –  Permohonan ditutup

2. B40 Category –

Syarat syarat:

1. Pendapatan isi rumah bulanan bagi kumpulan B40 iaitu kurang daripada RM3680.

2. Adalah penerima Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) Kerajaan atau bantuan kerajaan yang lain seperti MySalam, PeKa B40, eKasih dan lain lain. Mesti sertakan bukti.

2. Mempunyai minat untuk meningkatkan skill dalam bidang Membina Mobile Aplikasi (Mobile Apps) Perniagaan. 

3. Untuk meningkatkan kemahiran dan pengetahuan mereka melalui program latihan membina aplikasi mobile yang membolehkan mereka menceburkan diri dalam perniagaan untuk memperoleh pendapatan yang lebih baik setelah tamat latihan.

4. Warganegara Malaysia. (sertakan salinan IC)

5. Mereka yang bukan berlatarbelakang IT, layak dan boleh menyertai program ini kerana ianya dilaksanakan tanpa perlu pengetahuan kod. 

6. Boleh menghadiri program 5 hari fully funded oleh PENJANA dilokasi dan masa yang akan dimaklumkan untuk pilihan.

7. Perlu mengisi form untuk di senerai pendek menyertai program. Tanpa mengisi form kami tidak dapat memaklukan kepada HRDF nama anda untuk kelulusan budget.

8. Workshop dijalankan dalam Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Inggeris.


3. IREV 4.0 Category –

Syarat syarat:

1. Pekerja dalam perkhidmatan Malaysia

2. Majikan yang berdaftar dengan HRDF dan majikan bukan berdaftar dengan HRDF yang bersedia untuk memasuki Inisiatif Revolusi Perindustrian Keempat (Fourth Industrial Revolution initiatives).

3. Pekerja/Peserta perlu mendapat surat sokongan daripada syarikat menunjukkan minat mereka untuk menghantar pekerja merekauntuk latihan ini.

4. Mempunyai minat untuk meningkatkan skill dalam bidang Membina Mobile Aplikasi (Mobile Apps) Perniagaan.

5. Warganegara Malaysia.

6. Mereka yang bukan berlatarbelakang IT, layak dan boleh menyertai program ini kerana ianya dilaksanakan tanpa perlu pengetahuan kod.

7. Boleh menghadiri program 5 hari fully funded oleh PENJANA dilokasi dan masa yang akan dimaklumkan untuk pilihan.

8. Perlu mengisi form untuk di senerai pendek menyertai program. Tanpa mengisi form kami tidak dapat memaklukan kepada HRDF nama anda untuk kelulusan budget.

9. Workshop dijalankan dalam Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Inggeris.



Our HRDF Penjana Program will assists all members to create mobile apps for your own business or as a pssive income. Our advanced features enable all users to customized their own apps developement and published to Google & Apple Appstore.

Easy to implement, they will give you the competitive advantage you need to blow your competition out of the water.

Register now before we close the programs. We need names first and will forward to HRDF for their approval. Please remember to join the Telegram Group upon registration. Registration link will appear upon form received by our system.



its very good program!!


Teknik Seni Bina
Wilayah Persekutuan

Good For Experience

The AMB is good for those who could not understand coding completely but still wish to build app.

Tang Chii Haw

Kuala Lumpur

Mobile Apps Businee

The knowledge that i get from this workshop is so great and useful to improve my mindset and skill.

Muhammad Nabil Farhan Bin Muhammad Fuad

The Most Hands-On with tips and tricks

This workshop is one of the most hands-on workshop I have ever been. In 5 days, I learn about marketing (keywords research in apps) and also the trainer taught one by one, and not miss out anything. This is one of the best training so far because I learn mobile apps from scratch with a combination of marketing (keywords research), branding (trademark) to developing apps (a little bit of html).

Aimi Amalina Zulkifli

Good workshop and even better learning experience!

This workshop has been very insightful and a good learning experience. Madam Kartina has shared with us her rich experiences in app making which complements my learning. She is very patient and helpful as she gives advice and feedback on our ideas. This workshop is an easy way for people to earn new livelihoods especially in this difficult economy and I believe that many others will benefit from this workshop.

Mirabelle Tan

Kuala Lumpur

5 Days Mobile Apps Master Builder Advanced Workshop for Business under HRDF

This workshop is the best workshop that I have attended for my life. Before I attend this workshop, I did not think that making apps, I can upgrade my business and my income.

I recommend this workshop to anyone that have zero knowledge of apps developer, even you not familiar with programming. Only you need is the focus in the class, and you will be an app developer by 5 days.

Nur Shauqil Amin Bin Muhamad Sanuzi

Mobile Apps Builder

I managed to learn lots of new thing about building an apps. Puan Katrina is very knowledgeable and helpful to every participant attending this workshop. She also share tips,trick and many other tools to make application building much more easy. Thanks for the opportunity for this priceless knowledge 😀😀😀

Wan Nur Syafiq

Zenpro Sdn Bhd
Petaling Jaya


I get a lot of exposure how mobile app can be build without a coding and it helping for my business to growth, i really satisfied with all the module and definitely will recommend this course to my circle family and friends.

Muhammad Azharudin Bin Ghazali

Hotel Sentral

Valuable Experience

This workshop was a very fulfilling experience. I came in intending to develop a new skill learning how to build apps, but I learnt so much about not only how to make apps but business, educational stories/examples about others and new knowledge that I can apply to all aspects of life.

I came out of the workshop learning more than I would have ever thought I would.
Thank you!

Aasiyah Badlisyah


Good and meaningful workshop.

rafiqah majeed


I can build mobile apps with my own and i get a lot of information from the workshop about the apps!


Kuala Lumpur

Awesome Programs

Really worth to join this program.
AMB app builder platform is really a good platform to build your apps in easy way and
the trainer is awesome.


Customized Advanced Workshops


Look no further for a premium, exclusive hands-on mobile app creation and development.

AppsMasterBuilder hands-on workshops—designed to lay the foundation for entrepreneurs and app enthusiasts.

The end result? Participants will gain the skills to build and update drag-and-drop mobile apps, and pave the way so they can start generating income via mobile apps.

The workshops are facilitated in English and Bahasa Malaysia, and there’s no coding required.

Join Our Team Live Life by Design, Not a life lived by Default

About Apps Master Builder

Founder Kartina Abdul Ghani

Kartina Abdul Ghani launched Apps Master Builder to fill a gap in the market: that is, to help entrepreneurs create and update mobile apps and generate a passive income without the need to code.

“I’ve been in mobile apps niche since 2013. I truly believe in one thing:

I truly believe that entrepreneurs are here to help make other people’s lives better and easier…

By creating mobile apps that solve people’s problems.

Many of these experts in their fields but they but they struggle to develop & designed their own customized mobile apps as they don’t know coding’s. And they end up paying high money to programmers and coders without having much success and thinks mobile apps can’t help their business.  And it’s a pity as Mobile Apps Is the Hottest Trends & Digital Marketing Tools in The World Now.

That’s Why I’m on a Mission

The mission is to help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mobile Apps Enthusiasts, & Passive Income Opportunist to create their own Mobile Apps, save money, save time & publish to Both Google Play Store, & Apple Appstore.

If you are one of them…

then I’m here to help you….

A registered HRDF trainer since 2014, she has trained more than 800 full-time mobile apprenuers to date—and more than 10,000 people have completed her FREE Intro to Mobile Apps Workshop.

She has published more than 500 apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store. In addition to creating her own mobile apps, Kartina trains entrepreneurs online and onsite at her training center in Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Previously, Kartina served as Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer and helped to launch a bio-tech company ar-Raudhah Bio-tech Sdn Bhd, which was later awarded a Bio-Nexus and Pioneer Status Company. She was also the Lead Trainer at the ar-Raudhah Training Centre.

Earlier,  she also worked with the Kauthar Sdn Bhd Group of Companies, where she was involved in Construction, Property Management, and Tourism and working on projects worth more than RM 800 million. 

Kartina holds a BBA, UiTM, Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management (Project Management), UTM & Professional Diploma in Internet Business & Social Media, OUM. She is a Certified Professional Intellectual Property Manager, MIM, and an ex-Army Officer with the rank of Captain in the Rejimen Askar Wataniah, where she served from 1989 until 2012.

Mobile apps, spending quality time with her 5 sons, and mountain climbing are her current passions. For more information, please visit and for her programs.


If you have any questions or need further information, please email /whatsapp Us at

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