Examples of some mobile apps that have been built using the AMB Drag & Drop Mobile Apps Builder Server.

Here are some of the applications that have been developed by our members and shared in our Facebook Group & Messenger Group. We have many applications that have been built using our system, but due to our own security system to protect our users, we do not have access to these applications unless users submit bug support tickets for application assistance.

After viewing some examples of applications below, please note that the styles, colors, layouts, preferences, and many other areas of development & design are entirely dependent on the user’s preferences and customization. This is done either through non-coding or can also be coded.

Therefore, do not assume that applications built using our system are limited to the examples below.

You need to review our website and review the types of features and layouts (UI/UX) we have to get a general idea of the types of applications that can be built by you.

Our goal in showing these examples is to prove to you that you can create fully customized applications using our platform without coding using the AMB Toolkit.

We are a 100 percent No Code/ Fully CMS Mobile Apps Builder Platform. You can customize based on your own preferences.

We have many feature pages that allow non-programmers to create stunning & beautiful apps without the need to learn programming. To programmers, you have no limitations because you can use your coding knowledge to build your apps.

Please also note that it is very impossible for us to show all applications designed using all feature pages here.

However, we are sure that the examples below can answer your most important question, whether I can build mobile apps with the AMB Drag & Drop Mobile Apps toolkit.

Important Note for Programmer:

Although programming is not required at all using our platform, we have a feature page called “Source Code” for our users who know programming.

Here you can build and customize any feature you want in your apps. You can use HTML, CSS, Java & PHP. Please note that JAVA Script & PHP require it to be within HTML Iframe. Knowing programming is not important for the majority of our users, but this is flexibility that allows programmers to use our system and something that non-programmers can develop and learn in the future if they wish to do so.


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