No company ads, no promotional pages plus your Ads income is 100 percent yours.


I am a user first and have use many other apps builder before we start having our own system. Some gives me good income, some do not give me good income. I always thought it was due to my own doing. Little do I realize this until I own my own system.


If you subscribe to an app builder that provides FREE SUBSCRIPTION as a trial and you noticed that upon publishing, they will actually insert their own advertisement


What does that means? It means that all your apps even the one you are subscribing and paying , you are sharing advertisement income with the owner of the App Building Company.


This is a to disclose this however we are always being upfront on this. As the owner of this App Builder, we also built and create apps for ourselves and we do not want to put our users into that situation as we are here for long term business.


On personal note, I had subscribe before to other apps builder and I know full well they do this. Now as an owner of this system, we do not want our users to feel this.  As we can know those who have built enough apps will be able to identify the difference between full ads income to user or percentage being taken by the owner of the app. 


As long as you subscribe to our system, we guarantee that we do not take percentage of your ads income into our own pocket, hence we do not provide any free subscription with ads pre-install in it. As you either have it in your system or you don’t have it into your system. There is no in between…


We know this as one of the most important VALUE that is look upon by our users who continue and subscribe with us on long term basis.


We wish all the best in your journey building apps with us…. we welcome each and everybody to be part of our family.