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Interactive workshop merely conducted online.

After attended, I realized and must complement that this is not a regular webinar I attended recently. I call this a “webinar workshop” because this is an interactive workshop merely conducted online.
During the webinar workshop, the trainer-Kartina allow participant to ask question with speaker and she will response in audio and if needed, she will ask participant to share screen to illustrate the issue. This is by far the best and most effective workshop conducted online. Kartina leave no chance for the participant to “try it yourself later”
Further more, her objective of the 2 days “webinar workshop” is for all participant to publish the app to Google Playstore. So, it is understandable why she has to conduct this online workshop with interactive approach and should be complemented.
If you are new to building mobile app, you don’t have to worry about “getting lost” along the way. As long as you raise the issue or ask question, you will get it resolved immediately during the “webinar workshop” there and then.
It is highly recommended for all who are keen to learn and build mobile app to attend this “webinar workshop”

Dr LM Foong

Advanced Graphics Webinar Workshop

Something new and advance for me. Thank you Rambo and Pn Kartina organising this workshop for us to learning. Appreciate and thank you. 😘

Kelly Yan Sook Arh

Assistant Sales Manager - Maha Chemical Sdn Bhd

More Than Just Building App

Kartina has gone further than just provide coaching on apps building to include advance graphic workshop which will be very helpful and complement apps building and beyond.

Philip Chan

Selangor, Malaysia

Advance Graphic Class

Awesome class. Packed with info. Everything seems like magic and wonders we can do with GIMP. Thank you sifu Kartina and trainer, Mr.Rambo.

Mohan Prabu

Manager - Mohan Prabu

Advance Graphic

Apps Master Builder memberikan para peserta mempelajari ilmu mengenai bagaimana menghasilkan grafik yang menarik dengan mengadakan kelas webinar workshop Advance Graphic, ianya sangat menarik. Sekarang saya boleh menghasilakn gambar grafik saya dengan lebih berrkualiti, seperti pereka grafik yang profesional. Sertai Apps Mater Builder sekarang.

Izwan Alahudin

Shah Alam

Advance Graphic Webinar

Received the best information and guidance from the experts. Although not getting full blasts of the webinar managed to capture some of the features of GIMP. Need to use it and practice to be goog at it. Tips and tricks are shared with ease but the small screen makes it difficult to grasp the details. Overall good job and Thanks a lot.

Saad Abdullah

Self Employed - No company
Batu Berendam, Melaka, Malaysia

Mind blowing picture editing skills learnt

Although it’s only a short online class, it was really wonderful and skillful experience. I have benefit a lot through this online class.

Clement Lau Tze Hui

Sibu, Sarawak

Wonderful experience learning how to publish in Apple Store

Enjoy the class. The mentor was very patient and skillful. The mentor always make sure all the students really catch up before proceed to the next steps. It’s not easy to publish on Apple iOS store, but the mentor is able to make it so easy for everyone understanding.

Clement Lau Tze Hui

sibu, Sarawak

My review for 1-day Webinar for Advanced Graphic Class (on 21Feb2021)

Very detailed class about Advanced Graphic using GIMP free software. Now we can create stunning icon , homepage & graphic contents for our AMB Android Apps.

Mohd Haizan, Hashim

Engineer - Lavenda Delima Network

Best webinar ever!

The Apple publishing wasn’t an easy task. However, Cik Katrina and Muhaimin did a good job. Muhaimin was so patient with all of us. Hope more lasses like this can be conducted again.

Jasvinder Kaur

Director - Grace Destiny Enterprise

Webinar Untuk Mendalami Grafik Penyediaan Gambar

Webinar satu hari mendalami kaedah penyuntingan grafik secara langkah demi langkah untuk menghasilkan gambar menarik untuk kegunaan pembinaan apps. Meskipun kekadang terasa rumit, namun apabila dicuba dengan teliti, pendekatan Mr Rambo dengan pemantauan Madam Kartina, dapat juga membri pengalaman baru untuk menghasilkan gambar suntingan yang bermutu tinggi. Semuanya dari Webinar 1 Hari Master Apps Builder. Anda akan bermula dengan pembinaan apps tanpa koding, kemudian akan didedahkan dengan berbagai ilmu sampingan yang amat berguna untuk kerja-kerja online anda. Tidak rugi untuk menyertai kami. Jom.

Ahmad Azhar - Big Bro Screen

Pesuruhjaya Sumpah/Editor - Big Bro Screen Production