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Interactive workshop merely conducted online.

After attended, I realized and must complement that this is not a regular webinar I attended recently. I call this a “webinar workshop” because this is an interactive workshop merely conducted online.
During the webinar workshop, the trainer-Kartina allow participant to ask question with speaker and she will response in audio and if needed, she will ask participant to share screen to illustrate the issue. This is by far the best and most effective workshop conducted online. Kartina leave no chance for the participant to “try it yourself later”
Further more, her objective of the 2 days “webinar workshop” is for all participant to publish the app to Google Playstore. So, it is understandable why she has to conduct this online workshop with interactive approach and should be complemented.
If you are new to building mobile app, you don’t have to worry about “getting lost” along the way. As long as you raise the issue or ask question, you will get it resolved immediately during the “webinar workshop” there and then.
It is highly recommended for all who are keen to learn and build mobile app to attend this “webinar workshop”

Dr LM Foong

Totally worth it!

This is my third time joining webinar. I could have follow the steps in academy but joining webinar will give you new insight that you will not get in the academy. Totally worth it!

Mohamad Hazrul Bin Mohamad Zaini

Employee - Private

2 Days webinar, Quiz App

Buat quiz aplikasi? Saya tak pernah terfikir nak buat pun sebab saya tiada apa apa background dalam membangunkan aplikasi, tapi apabila saya sertai kelas selama dua hari webinar workshop dari Appmasterbuilder, saya banyak pelajari cara cara bangunkan aplikasi. Yang menariknya ia adalah tanpa coding, mudah digunakan walaupun kita zero knowledge. Saya sangat recomend Appsmasterbuilder pada anda.

Mohd Izwan Bin Alahudin

Shah Alam

Webinar Sessions

The webinars are always informative and I learn something new every time I attend. I have learnt to create different types of apps using the platform. Kartina always gives tips, advise and encouragement from her experiences in building apps. I also manage to publish app in the end of every session.

Juliet AnthonySamy


Keep abreast with latest updates

I attended the Quiz App class on 13 and 14th Feb.
Despite a reseat class, there are always new things and updates to learn in the class. The webinar conducted by Puan Kartina is very hands-on.

Thank you Puan Kartina.


Homemaker - Nil
Kuala Lumpur

Great Apps Builder Platform

Amb Apps Master Builder is the best platform to creat apps .

Faisal Zainudin

Business - Faisal Zainudin
Tanjung Malim

Webinar for re-seats

The 2-day webinar is not only benefiting those who are new but also for re-seat participants who are able to refresh their knowledge and also to learn more from the discussions (questions) posed. This is a great way to also keep building apps as each 2-day webinar all participants should submit an app for publication. Great work by Puan Kartina!


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Webinar Trainings

Terima kasih puan Kartina telah memberi saya peluang untuk menyertai kelas webinar selama 2 hari untuk mempelajari bagaimana membangunkan aplikasi Quiz.

Narmi Binti Mabok

- - -

Testimonial for 2 days Reseat Online Build Mobile Apps

This is another extra knowledge for generating mobile app.
Learn new things and better understanding on generating
mobile app every time reseat.

Pei Qin Tan

Beginner - Raha Trading & Services

Kartina, a Dedicated Trainer

Kartina is such a dedicated trainer. She always go extra miles for the trainees. The training she provide is really value for money!

Philip Chan

Selangor, Malaysia

Quiz Testimonial

Simple and Clear Instructions to follow this Quiz workshop. Give alot of ideas to get passive income.

Adrian Tan

Subang Jaya