From zero to hero. Glad I am taking the course from Apps Master Builder. The coach is guiding us thoroughly and
passionately. Thanks Ms Kartina Abd Ghani.

Muhamad Hafiz Bin Jarni

Mr - Owner
Kuala Lumpur

HRDF Penjana

Thank you so much for the experience Miss Katrina. The workshop is an amazing insight about Mobile app and to designing the app you have provide amazing tools that is really useful. Thank you again Miss Katrina.


Creed Fitness

Good For Experience

The AMB is good for those who could not understand coding completely but still wish to build app.

Tang Chii Haw

Self Employed - -
Kuala Lumpur

The Most Hands-On with tips and tricks

This workshop is one of the most hands-on workshop I have ever been. In 5 days, I learn about marketing (keywords research in apps) and also the trainer taught one by one, and not miss out anything. This is one of the best training so far because I learn mobile apps from scratch with a combination of marketing (keywords research), branding (trademark) to developing apps (a little bit of html).

Aimi Amalina Zulkifli

Webinar 0n 21-2-21 for Graphic Design

This is a graphic course which focus on ” how to ” design all the graphics that needed for pushing an app. The trainer Mr. Rambu was very practical to lead and show us how certain task is done with real life example. Such process is need in order to design and product own unique design of our own.
Besides teaching us the tool for GIMP, many short cuts and tips were share to perform “a clone” approach to a design of an object.
I believe this “clone” is best suitable for non graphic designers and yet need us to be familiar with the tools in GIMP .
The course is excellent. Thanks Kartina for organizing such a course

Dr. Foong

Retiree - Freelancer

Two Day Apps Development

Very very helpful for newbies and professionals

James Oluwaseyi Wusu

DigiWealth Coach

Webinar for all ages and international participations

This Webinar is a much-needed platform to continue to learn and refresh on the techniques of app building. I am a 59 years old Malaysian who is working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being away from Malaysia I am glad for the webinar as I am able to follow the workshops facilitated by Mdm Kartina who clearly explains what needs to be done. I am really happy and looking forward to follow more workshops via webinar.


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Bi weekly support webinar 8jan

Very great support for the bi weekly webinar, it really help to answer my question and clear my doubt which part that not clear, great!

Dominic Lai


2 days Create Mobile Apps Webinar

Superb! Katrina not only cover on how to develop apps, but she also cover on other areas such as becoming affiliates, admob, graphics design and tips and tricks (and the do and don’ts) on generating income from apps.

Definitely worth the money spent!

What’s more is that the full package includes life time support!



Advanced Graphics

A good course to make us advanced in our app building

Clara Pat Ro

Bcp Specialist - Maxis

Informative webinar with useful practical tips

Informative webinar with useful practical tips and tools for apps building and publishing.

M Zainurul Asyraf Ismail

Berbaloi bayar..Perisian yg mahal,lagi mahal di luar.

Group support yang diberikan sangat mahal,dan jika anda komit untuk jana pendapatan dengan mobile apps developer,tak rugi untuk laburkan 2000 ringgit di sini,jika ianya mampu memberi pulangan 10x ganda. Sebab tak ramai programmer macam Puan Kartina yang sanggup luangkan masa mahal beliau untuk support kita buat apps.I feel it with another programmer.

Amy Ali

Fulltime Traders

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