HRDF Penjana Development Program

TQVM for all the knowledge and experience shared. This class is golden, Puan Kartina has showed us and walked us through whole process of app development. She guided us and shared her precious experiences, in every up and downs in the process in order to accelerate our learning experience. I really recommend this class to everyone who wish to upgrade themselves in mobile app development. Would have solid product after workshop ends.

Ahmad Yusuf

Kajang, Malaysia

Good workshop and even better learning experience!

This workshop has been very insightful and a good learning experience. Madam Kartina has shared with us her rich experiences in app making which complements my learning. She is very patient and helpful as she gives advice and feedback on our ideas. This workshop is an easy way for people to earn new livelihoods especially in this difficult economy and I believe that many others will benefit from this workshop.

Mirabelle Tan

Kuala Lumpur

Berbaloi bayar..Perisian yg mahal,lagi mahal di luar.

Group support yang diberikan sangat mahal,dan jika anda komit untuk jana pendapatan dengan mobile apps developer,tak rugi untuk laburkan 2000 ringgit di sini,jika ianya mampu memberi pulangan 10x ganda. Sebab tak ramai programmer macam Puan Kartina yang sanggup luangkan masa mahal beliau untuk support kita buat apps.I feel it with another programmer.

Amy Ali

Fulltime Traders

Webinar Workshop Testimonial

Great learning with AppsMasterBuilder. It’s not just a sharing info session, but really ensuring that I will see the result that I want. The class follow my pace too to suit my busy schedule, due to its progressive learning approach and continuous supports.

Aliff Salleh Mohamed

design and property
Shah Alam

Great webinar

I have zero knowledge in graphics designing but I gain a lot of knowledge joining this webinar. Thank you master Rambo for teaching us!

Mohamad Hazrul Bin Mohamad Zaini

Engineer - Private Company

Fast App Builder Server

I have tried out the new app builder server and it loads pages very fast. Thanks Pn Kartina for your investments into improving the experience!


2 day webinar

Great webinar. Trainer managed to guide participants to the detail level and published the apps in this 2 days webinar. Bravo and thank you.

Saad bin Abdullah

Batu Berendam, Melaka


Great 2 day workshop. Easy to Follow and Straight Forward.

Adrian Tan

Subang Jaya

Apps Creation Made Easy!

I’ve been trying to make my own apps for years..
been dowloading all top ranks app development softwares available online recommended by ranking websites.

But, after i joined Puan Kartina webinar on 26 & 27 Dec 2020, i made my first app ready and up!

That’s awesome after so many attempt!

Kudos and anyone should attend this course and make you first app on your own like myself.

Thank you Puan Kartina and team AMB,
very helpful and make us easy to learn and digest.

Andry Suhermanto Bin Mansor

Designer - Bizandry Brands Network

Very Practical One Day Webinar

If one said submitting new apps to Apple Store is so complex, it is proven thru this one day webinar, with a proper guide from Sifu Muhaimin and Sifu Mdm Kartina, submitting new apps to Apple Store is just another challenge that you may able to do it yourself successfully. Focus and attempt, follow the do’s and the font’s, and you’ll pass through. And don’t be surprise, your apps get approval in less than 48 hours. This webinar will always be our guide to successfully building apps.

Ahmad Azhar Mohamed Kechik

Pesuruhjaya Sumpah / Editor - Big Bro Screen Productions
Wangsa Maju

1-day webinar on Publishing IOS App

The 1-day webinar on Publishing IOS App was conducted by a super cool and intelligent young man, Muhaimin, who is the resident expert at the AppsMasterBuilder Academy on Apple publishing. The one full day Webinar covers pre-Webinar “homework” with 17 step-by-step videos and 80-page step-by-step manual. In addition, participants were required to prepare all the necessary materials to ensure app is successfully published at the end of the day. So participants were ready and prepared for the class. The class was smooth under the capable hands of the young instructor. Even a senior citizen like me was able to clearly follow the daunting tasks. Kudos to Master Muhaimin!


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Buat Mobile App melalui webinar

2 hari kursus yang memang bermanfaat kepada sesiapa yang ingin belajar bagaimana nak buat Mobile Application walaupun kita tidak ada pengetahuan programming.

Patrick AL Pitchaymuthu

Snr.Executive - Honda Malaysia
Durian Tunggal

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