Mind blowing picture editing skills learnt

Although it’s only a short online class, it was really wonderful and skillful experience. I have benefit a lot through this online class.

Clement Lau Tze Hui

Sibu, Sarawak


Sangat tak sangka sy dapat buat apps.. dah bertahun mencari tapi xjumpa.. nak minta org lain buat mahal pula xmampu.. nak buat sendiri xpandai pula.. huhuhu..

join kelas webinar ni 2 hari ja pun xsangka sangat dah boleh buat apps sendiri.. syukur sangat ALHAMDULILLAH

semoga lebih ramai org kita join kelas sebegini.. banyak manfaat

ikhlas paksu saifulgpe
*nanti jangan lupa download apps saya tau.. cari ja paksusoft


org lama - saifulgpe

Testimonial for HDRF Penjana workshop

The content of the workshop is complete & fully covered for all topics regarding app building
The AMB builder platform have enough features to generate an app, more focused on business platform. The disadvantage is entering new information (push funnel) in the migafunnel feature as it needs to save a new push and need to wait for it to load before entering new one.
other than that, everything is 5 star! Puan Kartina really did well as a trainer. Thank you HDRF for this opportunity.

Khairunnisa Binti Dzeidee Schaff

Interactive workshop merely conducted online.

After attended, I realized and must complement that this is not a regular webinar I attended recently. I call this a “webinar workshop” because this is an interactive workshop merely conducted online.
During the webinar workshop, the trainer-Kartina allow participant to ask question with speaker and she will response in audio and if needed, she will ask participant to share screen to illustrate the issue. This is by far the best and most effective workshop conducted online. Kartina leave no chance for the participant to “try it yourself later”
Further more, her objective of the 2 days “webinar workshop” is for all participant to publish the app to Google Playstore. So, it is understandable why she has to conduct this online workshop with interactive approach and should be complemented.
If you are new to building mobile app, you don’t have to worry about “getting lost” along the way. As long as you raise the issue or ask question, you will get it resolved immediately during the “webinar workshop” there and then.
It is highly recommended for all who are keen to learn and build mobile app to attend this “webinar workshop”

Dr LM Foong

Apple IOS Publishing

Instructor guide and explain all the details from scratch until success publish it . 1st time joining for IOS publishing and I learnt a lot from this webinar. If I need to learnt myself I don’t know how long it will take to complete it not include if had issue during that process. So I encourage all to join this AMB as worth the money you spend and you can get back you money later on via ads in your apps etc.

saiful azwan

Shah Alam

graphic class

Very interesting and informative class. Look forward to attend advance graphic class

susilawati kasim

government servant - universiti putra malaysia

workshop review

The best mobile apps workshop with academy guidance and easy to learn. Strongly recommended.

Ku Joon Yee

Best and Fast to create Mobile Apps

This server platform is the best platform and fastest way to build mobile apps without any coding experience needed.
There are many features available can be used to build mobile apps and easy to use and follow as well.
Mobile apps that can be created are such as wallpaper app, greeting cards app, ebook app, Traver booking app etc.
All just need to do is click here and there and you can have a mobile app created immediately. Go for it. You won’t regret using it. Thanks.

Victor Wan

The way of teaching and guidance are more friendly and helpful

This is more useful and also more convenience way to learn and increasing my knowledge on creating an app for my own and for passive income…. the way of teaching and guidance are more friendly and helpful for me create an app …thanks and keep on updating information and also group discussion support, really appreciate your guidance


Penjana Professional Certificate mobile apps business

Interesting program. Madam teach step by step which make me easy to understand the flow of the platform.

Sabariah Binti Mohd saiful Rahim

Lifetime support in the apps building journey

With the constant changing in the terms and conditions of the respective app stores, keeping abreast with those is important.

The lifetime support by MAB makes it possible to keep up and update the apps accordingly.


Homemaker - n/a
Kuala Lumpur

Advance Graphic

Apps Master Builder memberikan para peserta mempelajari ilmu mengenai bagaimana menghasilkan grafik yang menarik dengan mengadakan kelas webinar workshop Advance Graphic, ianya sangat menarik. Sekarang saya boleh menghasilakn gambar grafik saya dengan lebih berrkualiti, seperti pereka grafik yang profesional. Sertai Apps Mater Builder sekarang.

Izwan Alahudin

Shah Alam

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