Graphic Advance Testimony

Great teaching by Rambo on the graphic advance. Really enjoy it and give us more options to expand our creativity to edit.

Adrian Tan

Subang Jaya

Kartina Class 2021-01-30

I love AMB platform because it allows me to create my own app without using any code. I believe apps is the way forward in the future.

In her class we are introduced to ways to create our own apps be it business and personal. Going to her class, I get to update myself with the latest information on technology.

What I love is the support system via WhatsApp group on publishing apps. I know this is way forward into the future
I’m very grateful for I was introduce to her class.



Bi weekly support webinar 8jan

Very great support for the bi weekly webinar, it really help to answer my question and clear my doubt which part that not clear, great!

Dominic Lai


1-day webinar on Publishing IOS App

The 1-day webinar on Publishing IOS App was conducted by a super cool and intelligent young man, Muhaimin, who is the resident expert at the AppsMasterBuilder Academy on Apple publishing. The one full day Webinar covers pre-Webinar “homework” with 17 step-by-step videos and 80-page step-by-step manual. In addition, participants were required to prepare all the necessary materials to ensure app is successfully published at the end of the day. So participants were ready and prepared for the class. The class was smooth under the capable hands of the young instructor. Even a senior citizen like me was able to clearly follow the daunting tasks. Kudos to Master Muhaimin!


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Trainer and content of workshop

This workshop has made me learnt alot of knowledge and skills on app development, and a glimpse into coding and programming, as well as the right way to publish an app legally.

Lee Teck Yuan


Valuable Experience

This workshop was a very fulfilling experience. I came in intending to develop a new skill learning how to build apps, but I learnt so much about not only how to make apps but business, educational stories/examples about others and new knowledge that I can apply to all aspects of life.

I came out of the workshop learning more than I would have ever thought I would.
Thank you!

Aasiyah Badlisyah


Quiz app

Very interesting and enjoy webinar!
Come and join appmasterbuilder.com to
build you app without coding!

I can guarantee you
This is an easy and user friendly platform.

Susilawati Kasim

Government servant - UPM

Travel apps

Sangat membantu di dalam membina app tanpa kod. Ianya juga sangat mudah. App yang dibina juga sangat menarik dan sangat membantu.

Saya cadangkan untuk semua anak muda untuk mula membina app tanpa kod dengan kos yang amat murah.

Susilawati Kasim

Government servant - UPM

Webinar Workshop Testimonial

Great learning with AppsMasterBuilder. It’s not just a sharing info session, but really ensuring that I will see the result that I want. The class follow my pace too to suit my busy schedule, due to its progressive learning approach and continuous supports.

Aliff Salleh Mohamed

design and property
Shah Alam

2 days Create Mobile Apps Webinar

Superb! Katrina not only cover on how to develop apps, but she also cover on other areas such as becoming affiliates, admob, graphics design and tips and tricks (and the do and don’ts) on generating income from apps.

Definitely worth the money spent!

What’s more is that the full package includes life time support!



Dedicated Trainer

Wow! is not enough to describe Kartina’s passion and dedication towards her learners. Webinar is a superb complement to its already lots of infos in online video program. Definitely we learners learn a lot faster in building mobile apps using AMB online toolkit with hundreds of awesome plugins.

Check it out.

Azizan Mansor

Mr - Self Employed

Apple App Publishing Testimony

Great Step by Step on Apple App Publishing, I really enjoyed it. Even though there are a lot of steps, i am able to follow it.

Adrian Tan

Subang Jaya

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