Berbaloi bayar..Perisian yg mahal,lagi mahal di luar.

Group support yang diberikan sangat mahal,dan jika anda komit untuk jana pendapatan dengan mobile apps developer,tak rugi untuk laburkan 2000 ringgit di sini,jika ianya mampu memberi pulangan 10x ganda. Sebab tak ramai programmer macam Puan Kartina yang sanggup luangkan masa mahal beliau untuk support kita buat apps.I feel it with another programmer.

Amy Ali

Fulltime Traders

Building Apps without coding

Initially I am a bit skeptical to attend the webiner workshop, wondering how the trainer could guide participants to create app without coding via online.
At the end, I registered to attend the webiner last minutes and with the full step by step guidance (includes preparation list) by Pn. Kartina during webiner, I am able to build my 1st mobile app after the workshop, without needing to know a single line of code. Kudo to AppMasterBuilder.
Highly recommended.

Patrick Yong


Awesome Program

Superb, excellent & fantastic.

With no IT background and no programming & coding knowledge, I would be able to develop mobile apps for my business & for passive income on my own.

I had bad experiences dealing with mobile apps workshop & programmer before this. I have attended one mobile apps workshop with the hope & expectation that I can develop the apps on my own. Up until now, no head & tail. Then I engaged a programmer to build my apps, same thing happened. Have wasted my time & money.

Not until I met Puan Kartina and attended her two workshops: Business & Passive, Within 2 months, I have already published 7 apps in Google Play & 2 apps in App Store.

She taught us everything from A to Z, keyswords & trends, dos & don’ts, gave tips & even taught us how build games apps.

I just followed what she taught in class, refer her notes, videos & manuals and asked questions. Now with new high speed server in place, it was now even more interesting & enjoyable to build apps.

Thumbs up & 5 star to Apps Master Builder, Puan Kartina & teams. Keep up a good work…

Helmy Murad Harun Rasit

Managing Director - 23 Journeys Sdn Bhds / Dot Two Dot Net Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur

Mind blowing picture editing skills learnt

Although itโ€™s only a short online class, it was really wonderful and skillful experience. I have benefit a lot through this online class.

Clement Lau Tze Hui

Sibu, Sarawak

Knowledgeable Trainer & Awesome Guru

Puan Kartina is an awesome guru in mobile apps. From the start I joined her class, she always determined to push students to be able to published the apps by the end of the training. Thanks Puan Kartina for sharing the knowledge and I am happy that she is the guru by example because she able to give more knowledge because she herself make apps herself. And thankful that I the students also happy to share their experiences in creating mobile apps and be in the class with these positive people give you good vibes to want create apps.


QA Tester
Shah Alam

Mobile App is fun to make!

This workshop has allow many people from different background and zero knowledge of programming to create their very own customize mobile app.

Nur Syahirah bt. Rusanuar

Review and Testimonial on the Mobile App workshop

This workshop is very helpful if you are not really knowledgeable in programming but want to really get into the mobile app making business.

The trainer is very helpful and is very experienced in this field. which make me i feel that im in safe hands while going through the course.

Overall is a great experience thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Lee Gwo Hwang

First Seminar Was Impressive

Today, the 4th of December 2020, I attended the zoom webinar, albeit very late.

Found the meeting was very informative, and I have a much clearer understanding.

Will find time to learn from videos, and start my journey. Lots of ideas coming in now.

Azizan Mansor

Mr - Self Employed
Bagan Serai

Easy to understand

The learning process for 2 days webinar is easy to understand and all the participant can generate apk & publish in the end of class.

Aziq Khusairi

Advance Graphic Class

I like to thank Rambo and Kartina for conducting this special class on Advance Graphic using GIMP. Mr. Rambo has certainly taught us more on the functionality of the software and will definitely help me to further improve on my graphic skills in creating and editing pictures and photos, henceforth.

Joe Tai

AMB member
Kuala Lumpur

Professional Certificate Mobile Apps Business

Very informative and it’s an eye-opening for me on how to create mobile apps with possibilities to create passive income with step-by-step guide by the trainer. I really recommend this course to all.

Farid Ambiah

Graphics Webinar

Another great trainner intro by Puan Kartina. So many things learned today as the trainer, Rambo is an experience person with the graphics designing and also do mobile apps, so he knows what is importance that was shared via webinar. Photo that was sent via this testimonial is part of the takeout that I learned. Thanks Puan Kartina and Rambo for this interesting webinar. Probably need to improve is no question before the class even start, it kind of drag the timing.

Nor Hafidzah Mat Rahim

QA tester
Shah Alam

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