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Program yang sangat menarik dan membantu


Founder - Raha beauty spa

Travel apps

Sangat membantu di dalam membina app tanpa kod. Ianya juga sangat mudah. App yang dibina juga sangat menarik dan sangat membantu.

Saya cadangkan untuk semua anak muda untuk mula membina app tanpa kod dengan kos yang amat murah.

Susilawati Kasim

Government servant - UPM

My Review for the 2-days Webinar for Quiz development (on 13-14Feb2021)

Fantastic webinar. Save me a lot of time in creating Quiz App in term of contents development.

Mohd Haizan, Hashim

Engineer - Lavenda Delima Network

Berbaloi bayar..Perisian yg mahal,lagi mahal di luar.

Group support yang diberikan sangat mahal,dan jika anda komit untuk jana pendapatan dengan mobile apps developer,tak rugi untuk laburkan 2000 ringgit di sini,jika ianya mampu memberi pulangan 10x ganda. Sebab tak ramai programmer macam Puan Kartina yang sanggup luangkan masa mahal beliau untuk support kita buat apps.I feel it with another programmer.

Amy Ali

Fulltime Traders

Great Workshop

The workshop clearly provides step-by-step process of how to develop the mobile app for wallpapers. I really appreciate the tips for resources and copyright that is no way you will get elsewhere. They are simply genuine tips and practical.

Suhana Md Zaini

Officer - Government

Mobile Apps Businee

The knowledge that i get from this workshop is so great and useful to improve my mindset and skill.

Muhammad Nabil Farhan Bin Muhammad Fuad

Graphic Design Intro with Rambo

Eye Opener session for basic graphic design in image manipulation and technic.. Very usefull for mobile Apps developer.

Syaari mokhtar

Owner - Rekrea Multimedia Universe
Bandar Baru Bangi

The way of teaching and guidance are more friendly and helpful

This is more useful and also more convenience way to learn and increasing my knowledge on creating an app for my own and for passive income…. the way of teaching and guidance are more friendly and helpful for me create an app …thanks and keep on updating information and also group discussion support, really appreciate your guidance



HDRF Penjana Mobile Apps Workshop

I’m thankful to HDRF Penjana for sponsoring and giving people the opportunity to attend this workshop. This workshop has equipped me with new skills and knowledge I can use to create apps and generate different sources of income. The platform is easy to use and a great tool to have in anyone’s arsenal. Very cool to be able to have an app published in 5 days. Overall, a valuable experience that is organised and run well by the Apps Masters Builder team. Thank you!

Zulaikha Badlisyah


Step by step to publishing App at Apple Store

Webinar cara publish App di Apple Store yang dikendalikan oleh Apps Master Builder sangat berkualiti, pengajar yang sangat berpengalaman. Para peserta akan dibimbing sehingga berjaya submit App mereka pada hari yang sama, YA pada hari yang sama belajar dalam webinar workshop. Sangat teruja apabila App para peserta sudah pun berjaya berada di dalam Apple Store. Jom bina App sendiri dan jadikan App sebagai pasif income dan bisnes baru anda.

Izwan Alahudin

Shah Alam


Banyak ilmu baru yang saya pelajari dalam seminar ini. Isi seminar yang banyak membantu saya pada masa hadapan.

Farlina Mizan


Speed is top notch

Speed is top notch. Love it and really hope it can be maintained like this.
Adding features, uploading images are super fast. I only need to upload once, no buffering.

Great solution on coming up with the new server. Thanks for all the effort, puan Kartina 🙂

Wendy Song

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