2 Days Webinar Workshop

More convenience and simplified teaching & guidelines on create mobile apps and the platform


2day workshop - Millennium Creators

Great webinar

I have zero knowledge in graphics designing but I gain a lot of knowledge joining this webinar. Thank you master Rambo for teaching us!

Mohamad Hazrul Bin Mohamad Zaini

Engineer - Private Company

Program yang baik

Program yang bermanfaat kepada mereka yang minat dalam bidang mobile apps.


Executive - Masa Kiara Sdn Bhd
Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Webinar Trainings

Thank you puan Katina and Mr. Rambo for giving me the opportunity to attend 1 Day Advanced Graphics Workshop. I have learned how to use the GIMP software. And i believe this can help me a lot. Thank you so much.

Narmi Binti Mabok

- - -

Apple IOS Publishing

Instructor guide and explain all the details from scratch until success publish it . 1st time joining for IOS publishing and I learnt a lot from this webinar. If I need to learnt myself I don’t know how long it will take to complete it not include if had issue during that process. So I encourage all to join this AMB as worth the money you spend and you can get back you money later on via ads in your apps etc.

saiful azwan

Shah Alam


“Selalunya kita hanyalah pengguna” Kita guna Aplikasi sedia ada ada di pasaran. Saya mencari kelainan dengan hadir belajar di Apps Master Builder (AMB) dan saya temuinya. Selain platform yang mudah difahami untuk non-background IT seperti saya, jurulatih yang memberi tunjuk ajar adalah berpengalaman dan sangat dedikasi. Rebutlah peluang untuk menjadi pembina aplikasi.


Manager - YaPEIM

1-day webinar on Publishing IOS App

The 1-day webinar on Publishing IOS App was conducted by a super cool and intelligent young man, Muhaimin, who is the resident expert at the AppsMasterBuilder Academy on Apple publishing. The one full day Webinar covers pre-Webinar “homework” with 17 step-by-step videos and 80-page step-by-step manual. In addition, participants were required to prepare all the necessary materials to ensure app is successfully published at the end of the day. So participants were ready and prepared for the class. The class was smooth under the capable hands of the young instructor. Even a senior citizen like me was able to clearly follow the daunting tasks. Kudos to Master Muhaimin!


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Useful Webinar

Very interactive way of learning how to make mobile apps. U should be able to have your own developer account and published apps at the end of the webinar session. Very effective… Looking forward to making money by building mobile apps.



Owner - AR Pro Solutions


The webinars are interactive with step by step for building apps with various apps being shared in the sessions. I gain new knowledge to learn on building different apps. I can also gain help from the AMB tools and videos from the academy to follow the steps for building apps.

Juliet Pashini


An eye opening!

Publishing apps into the Appstore is difficult but when joining this webinar, it’s so easy. Great job Muhaimin and Madam Kartina!

Mohamad Hazrul Bin Mohamad Zaini

Engineer - Private Company

Superb and Highly Recommended !!

The workshop is very informative and kartina guide us with full guidance and coach with step by step instructions.

You will not be left alone in the training and Kartina will ensure everyone received the most from this workshop

Rest assured everyone will be able to publish LIVE mobile apps at the end of the workshop WITHOUT coding !!

I do enjoy my time in the training 😉

Prof Dr Syed Helmy

Advance Graphic Class

I like to thank Rambo and Kartina for conducting this special class on Advance Graphic using GIMP. Mr. Rambo has certainly taught us more on the functionality of the software and will definitely help me to further improve on my graphic skills in creating and editing pictures and photos, henceforth.

Joe Tai

AMB member
Kuala Lumpur

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