apple step by step publication

Very interesting session

Susilawati Kasim

Government servant - universiti putra malaysia

Sharing ideas and tought

By learning the easiest way to create apps it give an opportunities for me to share my ideas and thoughts with others while making a passive income


Kuala Lumpur

360-Degree Support

After the workshop session, we still have the support through the AMB Academy, communication apps, and re-seat future workshops. Not forgetting members that keep encouraging each other.

Philip Chan

Selangor, Malaysia

Building Apps without coding

Initially I am a bit skeptical to attend the webiner workshop, wondering how the trainer could guide participants to create app without coding via online.
At the end, I registered to attend the webiner last minutes and with the full step by step guidance (includes preparation list) by Pn. Kartina during webiner, I am able to build my 1st mobile app after the workshop, without needing to know a single line of code. Kudo to AppMasterBuilder.
Highly recommended.

Patrick Yong


Superb and Highly Recommended !!

The workshop is very informative and kartina guide us with full guidance and coach with step by step instructions.

You will not be left alone in the training and Kartina will ensure everyone received the most from this workshop

Rest assured everyone will be able to publish LIVE mobile apps at the end of the workshop WITHOUT coding !!

I do enjoy my time in the training 😉

Prof Dr Syed Helmy

good knowledge to know

good class, All information in this class are new for me, im not IT background, however the system that provided from this program is straight forward, just important things need to understand step by step until publish successful. we learn technical parts, and Puan Kartina explain very well.



Terima kasih. Sangat Membantu

Group webminar sangat membantu, trainer sangat details dalam proses pengajaran. Bnyak menyediakan bahan pembelajaran, boleh dikatakan kelas bukan 2 hari, ia bermula sehari sebelum untuk penyediaan bahan yang di perlukan semasa kelas. Bagi saya, seorang surirumah yang tiada sebarang pengetahuan mengenai it, sangat membantu sebab pihak trainer terangkan step yang sangat details dan jelas. Walau agak ketinggalan, insyaallah selepas mengikuti beberapa webinar yg dijalankan akan lebih faham dengan mendapat. Terima kasih pada pihak trainer dan kawan-kawan lain yang sama membantu.

Izanaziyanna Binti Supian

Mrs - Iskb
Petaling Jaya

Excellent Mobile App Builder Class by Pn Kartina !

Pn Kartina is a really good Mobile App Trainer and her platforms is really impressive. What ever mobile apps that you have in mind, most of the features is already there in the AMB platform. She teaches you from A – Z, until your app is ready to be published.

I would really recommend AMB to others as is it a really terrific mobile apps builder platforms those who interested in learning it, on top of all, Pn Kartina is really an excellent trainer. 🙂 Thanks You very much Pn Kartina!


Mohd Ezwan Bin Elias

Owner - Sufa Global Resources
Kelana Jaya

The Most Hands-On with tips and tricks

This workshop is one of the most hands-on workshop I have ever been. In 5 days, I learn about marketing (keywords research in apps) and also the trainer taught one by one, and not miss out anything. This is one of the best training so far because I learn mobile apps from scratch with a combination of marketing (keywords research), branding (trademark) to developing apps (a little bit of html).

Aimi Amalina Zulkifli

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