Sangat tak sangka sy dapat buat apps.. dah bertahun mencari tapi xjumpa.. nak minta org lain buat mahal pula xmampu.. nak buat sendiri xpandai pula.. huhuhu..

join kelas webinar ni 2 hari ja pun xsangka sangat dah boleh buat apps sendiri.. syukur sangat ALHAMDULILLAH

semoga lebih ramai org kita join kelas sebegini.. banyak manfaat

ikhlas paksu saifulgpe
*nanti jangan lupa download apps saya tau.. cari ja paksusoft


org lama - saifulgpe

workshop review

The best mobile apps workshop with academy guidance and easy to learn. Strongly recommended.

Ku Joon Yee

Very useful webinar on publishing into Apple App Store

The webinar is very useful. The presenter showed us step by step on how to publish our apps into App Store.
He is very experienced that he could also advise us the do’s and don’ts when publishing to Apps Store so as to avoid delay in the apps being approved. It was proven that within one day after the webinar, participants got their apps approved and published in App Store. Different from other webinar that I have attended, this webinar offered a two-way communication where the participants can ask the question directly via microphone (while other webinar elsewhere only allow participants to ask via writing into the chat box). Absolutely a 5 star webinar!

Ekhwan Nazli Ibrahim

Accountant - Freelance

Speed is top notch

Speed is top notch. Love it and really hope it can be maintained like this.
Adding features, uploading images are super fast. I only need to upload once, no buffering.

Great solution on coming up with the new server. Thanks for all the effort, puan Kartina 🙂

Wendy Song

Apple IOS Publishing Webinar

It was very helpful webinar and full of tips to understand the steps for publishing to Apple store. The trainers were very experienced and also shared tips and made learning easier. The webinar was as good as face to face class. Thank you very much.

Juliet Anthonysamy


Advance Graphic Webinar

Received the best information and guidance from the experts. Although not getting full blasts of the webinar managed to capture some of the features of GIMP. Need to use it and practice to be goog at it. Tips and tricks are shared with ease but the small screen makes it difficult to grasp the details. Overall good job and Thanks a lot.

Saad Abdullah

Self Employed - No company
Batu Berendam, Melaka, Malaysia

Informative workshop

As someone new to apps building and publishing, information share is very useful with practical tips to guide you in apps publishing. Useful excel files which very helpful reference and guide.

M Zainurul Asyraf

Owner - Zaiasolution
Wangsa Maju

Sincere Appreciation to Kartina for AMB Program

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Ms Kartina for her dedication in coaching in the Mobile Application Development for Business app. The course has been made simple and easy to learn without the need of coding and also for her continuous guidance and support for both online and offline classes. Thank you very much Ms Kartina, May God Bless You abundantly.

Tan Soo Kian

CEO - Energy Solutions


Every moment in this workshop is worth it!

Philip Chan

Selangor, Malaysia

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