Pleased With The 5-Days Course

When my friend introduced me with the 5-days course, I was highly intrigued with the free course as we’re able to generate an application without coding. Puan Kartina is an excellent trainer, very patience and informative in conducting the course and I am glad I had the chance to join this free course. I am genuinely inspired to create more apps in the future for my personal use as well as for my business, in shaa Allah



First Seminar Was Impressive

Today, the 4th of December 2020, I attended the zoom webinar, albeit very late.

Found the meeting was very informative, and I have a much clearer understanding.

Will find time to learn from videos, and start my journey. Lots of ideas coming in now.

Azizan Mansor

Mr - Self Employed
Bagan Serai

Terima kasih. Sangat Membantu

Group webminar sangat membantu, trainer sangat details dalam proses pengajaran. Bnyak menyediakan bahan pembelajaran, boleh dikatakan kelas bukan 2 hari, ia bermula sehari sebelum untuk penyediaan bahan yang di perlukan semasa kelas. Bagi saya, seorang surirumah yang tiada sebarang pengetahuan mengenai it, sangat membantu sebab pihak trainer terangkan step yang sangat details dan jelas. Walau agak ketinggalan, insyaallah selepas mengikuti beberapa webinar yg dijalankan akan lebih faham dengan mendapat. Terima kasih pada pihak trainer dan kawan-kawan lain yang sama membantu.

Izanaziyanna Binti Supian

Mrs - Iskb
Petaling Jaya

Sharing ideas and tought

By learning the easiest way to create apps it give an opportunities for me to share my ideas and thoughts with others while making a passive income


Kuala Lumpur

Knowledgeable Trainer & Awesome Guru

Puan Kartina is an awesome guru in mobile apps. From the start I joined her class, she always determined to push students to be able to published the apps by the end of the training. Thanks Puan Kartina for sharing the knowledge and I am happy that she is the guru by example because she able to give more knowledge because she herself make apps herself. And thankful that I the students also happy to share their experiences in creating mobile apps and be in the class with these positive people give you good vibes to want create apps.


QA Tester
Shah Alam


A well guided step by step class . The workshop is insightful , interactive, practical and informative. Pn Kartina is a very engaging trainer.

Chin Nam Fui

Director - CBD Properties (USJ) Sdn Bhd
Subang Jaya

Very useful webinar on publishing into Apple App Store

The webinar is very useful. The presenter showed us step by step on how to publish our apps into App Store.
He is very experienced that he could also advise us the do’s and don’ts when publishing to Apps Store so as to avoid delay in the apps being approved. It was proven that within one day after the webinar, participants got their apps approved and published in App Store. Different from other webinar that I have attended, this webinar offered a two-way communication where the participants can ask the question directly via microphone (while other webinar elsewhere only allow participants to ask via writing into the chat box). Absolutely a 5 star webinar!

Ekhwan Nazli Ibrahim

Accountant - Freelance

AMB CMS Server

The new server is extremely fast, almost at one click speed. It provides a great experience and platform for all those looking to seriously build apps for both businesses and passive income purpose. With the launch of the new server, I will be looking forward to build much more apps to take advantage of amazing speed at a very undervalued price. I encourage everyone to join this platform ASAP as it is by far the NO. 1 app builder in Malaysia by far! Thanks to sifu kartina!


Wonderful Trainer & App Building Platform

Enormous and most sincere thanks to master Kartina. The style and the knowledge of the master are totally amazing. Her sense of humour and honesty about the app building tasks ahead for everyone helps make challenging subject matter accessible. AMB Academy online & Whatsapp support are really extremely great. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insight you’ve shared.

Liew Yen Ching

Shah Alam

1 days apple publish

Great class in teaching about step step how to publish apps in app store

Dominic Lai


A Good Supporting Workshop

This workshop helps a lot beside the normal video in the Academy for somebody who is slow in computer skills. Thanks so much Kartina and Team.

Fauziah Ashari


2 days Webinar

Informative, Fun, interesting, encouraging.

Bob Lew

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