Speed is top notch

Speed is top notch. Love it and really hope it can be maintained like this.
Adding features, uploading images are super fast. I only need to upload once, no buffering.

Great solution on coming up with the new server. Thanks for all the effort, puan Kartina 🙂

Wendy Song

Great knowledge & easy to understand!

Great webinar with very knowledgable & highly experience trainer, Puan Kartina. Highly recommended for those interested to learn about building app. Even for first timer like me, very easy to understand & good hands-on training.

Puan Kartina is very patience & ensure she help each & everyone in the webinar to make sure no one is left out.

Awesome training overall!

Sabirah Hassan

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Kuala Lumpur

Sharing ideas and tought

By learning the easiest way to create apps it give an opportunities for me to share my ideas and thoughts with others while making a passive income


Kuala Lumpur

Pengalaman dan Penghargaan.

Terima Kasih kepada Coach Katrina Abdul Ghani kerana mengajar untuk buat apps selama 5 hari dan terima kasih juga kepada Penjana HRDF kerana telah menaja program ini secara percuma. Ilmu yang diberikan sangat berharga dan sangat berbaloi untuk menjana pendapatan yang lebih lumayan. Pembelajaran yang susah didapati di luar dapat dipelajari di program. Terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat dalam menjayakan program ini

Muhammah Hafizuddin Bin Mohamad Asri

Webinar 0n 21-2-21 for Graphic Design

This is a graphic course which focus on ” how to ” design all the graphics that needed for pushing an app. The trainer Mr. Rambu was very practical to lead and show us how certain task is done with real life example. Such process is need in order to design and product own unique design of our own.
Besides teaching us the tool for GIMP, many short cuts and tips were share to perform “a clone” approach to a design of an object.
I believe this “clone” is best suitable for non graphic designers and yet need us to be familiar with the tools in GIMP .
The course is excellent. Thanks Kartina for organizing such a course

Dr. Foong

Retiree - Freelancer

Mobile Apps Businee

The knowledge that i get from this workshop is so great and useful to improve my mindset and skill.

Muhammad Nabil Farhan Bin Muhammad Fuad

Berbaloi bayar..Perisian yg mahal,lagi mahal di luar.

Group support yang diberikan sangat mahal,dan jika anda komit untuk jana pendapatan dengan mobile apps developer,tak rugi untuk laburkan 2000 ringgit di sini,jika ianya mampu memberi pulangan 10x ganda. Sebab tak ramai programmer macam Puan Kartina yang sanggup luangkan masa mahal beliau untuk support kita buat apps.I feel it with another programmer.

Amy Ali

Fulltime Traders


I can build mobile apps with my own and i get a lot of information from the workshop about the apps!


Kuala Lumpur

Useful Advance Graphic Workshop

Appreciate AMB & Pn Kartina’s effort to conduct this very useful advance graphic workshop. The trainer Mr Rambo is knowledgeable, very patient in providing step by step guidance in improving image quality. He provided many good examples which is relevant to images used in app building. I find this a very practical training as Mr Rambo uses available free options & tools to improve image quality for app building. Thank you for a very useful workshop.

Michelle Wong


Advanced Graphics

A good course to make us advanced in our app building

Clara Pat Ro

Bcp Specialist - Maxis

webinar support

Program yang sangat menarik dan membantu


Founder - Raha beauty spa

Penjana HRDF Mobile Apps Business

Great Class and Hands On Experience

Adrian Tan

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