graphic class

Very interesting and informative class. Look forward to attend advance graphic class

susilawati kasim

government servant - universiti putra malaysia


I’ve been eyeing this AppsMasterBuilder class since 2019. So when I know that now it has an online version and at a very affordable price on top of that, I knew if I missed this class this year, I will be missing out on lots of things. I can’t even believe that I am currently developing my own apps. Thanks Madam Kartina!

Muslihah binti Mohd Razali

L&D Executive

Appreciation and Thanks

The accelerated learning approach by Kartina in Mobile apps building applying drag and drop methods has made learning fun and simplified.
This approach is one level above the complex coding working at the background therefore the applications has been made very user friendly.
I wouldn’t want to miss this chance offered by Kartina to explore its capabilities and my sincere thanks to Kartina for her unrelentless coaching and guidances.

Alex Tan Soo Kian

CEO - Energy Solution
Kuala Lumpur


From zero to hero. Glad I am taking the course from Apps Master Builder. The coach is guiding us thoroughly and
passionately. Thanks Ms Kartina Abd Ghani.

Muhamad Hafiz Bin Jarni

Mr - Owner
Kuala Lumpur

Trainer and content of workshop

This workshop has made me learnt alot of knowledge and skills on app development, and a glimpse into coding and programming, as well as the right way to publish an app legally.

Lee Teck Yuan

Apple IOS app publishing

Managed to publish my Apple IOS app last Saturday, 20/02/21 on my own using the AMB platform under the guidance of En. Muhaimin.
Certainly a fruitful session.
Thank you very much.

Joe Tai

AMB member
Kuala Lumpur

First Seminar Was Impressive

Today, the 4th of December 2020, I attended the zoom webinar, albeit very late.

Found the meeting was very informative, and I have a much clearer understanding.

Will find time to learn from videos, and start my journey. Lots of ideas coming in now.

Azizan Mansor

Mr - Self Employed
Bagan Serai

Advance Graphic Class GIMP

Never never thought off can learn the graphic advance tool ie GIMP. Great Job from the Ramboo teacher.

Simon Poi


A dedicated and experienced teacher

Pn is patient, knowledgeable and helpful teacher. She will ensure everyone in the class understand the course.

shermaine kon

owner/freelance - own


To find the mobile apps class in malaysia through internet, almost of the times the link will be brought to madam katrina class. I would say more than 70%, the rest is other class. Try it yourself

In one day class, I will be able to publish one apps in google playstore, very knowledgeable instructor and responsive to question, good programmed structure.

If you are looking for mobile apps class, stop looking! you already found it!


Testimonial for Workshop

From knowing nothing about applications, now i able to gain knowledge how to make money by developing apps. It is hard to remember all the instructions by the instructor but they provided us all the manuals and steps to build apps in hard copy.



HDRF Penjana Mobile Apps Workshop

I’m thankful to HDRF Penjana for sponsoring and giving people the opportunity to attend this workshop. This workshop has equipped me with new skills and knowledge I can use to create apps and generate different sources of income. The platform is easy to use and a great tool to have in anyone’s arsenal. Very cool to be able to have an app published in 5 days. Overall, a valuable experience that is organised and run well by the Apps Masters Builder team. Thank you!

Zulaikha Badlisyah


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