good knowledge to know

good class, All information in this class are new for me, im not IT background, however the system that provided from this program is straight forward, just important things need to understand step by step until publish successful. we learn technical parts, and Puan Kartina explain very well.



Apple App Publishing Testimony

Clear and Great Step by Step on Apple App Publishing. Overall comprehensive webinar.

Adrian Tan

Subang Jaya

Eye opening webinar workshop

This is an eye opening workshop webinar. As a new user, I am still learning and following the pace of lesson as my best. It is an hands on practical workshop and we can clarify any doubts with trainer Kartina. We learn in a relax and enjoyable environment. Excited to see my 1st apps ..!!! 🙂 Thanks for your guidance and patience.

Chan TC

Self employed

Valuable Experience

This workshop was a very fulfilling experience. I came in intending to develop a new skill learning how to build apps, but I learnt so much about not only how to make apps but business, educational stories/examples about others and new knowledge that I can apply to all aspects of life.

I came out of the workshop learning more than I would have ever thought I would.
Thank you!

Aasiyah Badlisyah


2 Days Webinar Workshop

More convenience and simplified teaching & guidelines on create mobile apps and the platform


2day workshop - Millennium Creators

Apple IOS mobileapps publishing

Webinar Pn Kartina sentiasa terbaik. Apple publishing kali ni dikendalikan oleh anaknya Muhaimin, juga terbaik. Mulanya saya hanya ingin jadi pemerhati sahaja, tapi sebab ingin alami sendiri pengalaman publish sendiri di Apple walaupun tanpa ada Apple laptop, rupanya kita boleh yer publish di Apple melalui Windows. Walaupun tidak dapat publish dalam webinar disebabkan internet saya problem. Sedikit hampa sebab ketinggalan, tapi saya syukur dengan adanya recorded video yang akan dihantar harap dapat bantu saya publish kemudian. Tak sabar nak dapatkan video untuk publish nanti. Mungkin Pn Kartina dapat pertimbangkan beri sedikit masa tambahan dalam buat homework yang diberikan. Sebagai ibu yang bekerja, mungkin masa tambahan dalam persediaan kelas dapat kurangkan stress sebelum kelas 🙂

Nor Hafidzah Mat Rahim

QA Tester
Shah Alam

Mobile Apps for Business

Thanks to Pn Kartina for sharing knowledge on how to built mobile apps easier without coding. This helps me a lot in built a mobile app and to try all feature in the system with the help of your video tutorials. Also much thanks for sharing extra tips/knowledge/techniques. May God bless you always.

Muhammad Aziq

Mobile Apps Builder

I managed to learn lots of new thing about building an apps. Puan Katrina is very knowledgeable and helpful to every participant attending this workshop. She also share tips,trick and many other tools to make application building much more easy. Thanks for the opportunity for this priceless knowledge 😀😀😀

Wan Nur Syafiq

Designer - Zenpro Sdn Bhd
Petaling Jaya

Generate passive income thru create mobile apps

A quick way and low investment to generate passive income thru create mobile apps

Ashton Tan

Business Owner


Every moment in this workshop is worth it!

Philip Chan

Selangor, Malaysia

Wuz a great experience

It wuz a great experience – am convinced that I can begin generating apps daily. Hope is high towards successes – Thank you Kartina – I couldn’t have done it without you .

Dr Nik Zamela Abdul Majid

apple step by step publication

Very interesting session

Susilawati Kasim

Government servant - universiti putra malaysia

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