2 Days Webinar Workshop

Great workshop, Thanks for the knowledge Katrina , new knowledge to share our experiences with the world.

Fauziah Ashari

Shah Alam

Amazing and awesome webinar!

Amazing and awesome webinar! This 2 Day Mobile Apps Masterclass Webinar was very helpful and inspire me to develop my own app. The best part, no coding needed! Very practical and hands on session and you can build and publish your first app immediately.
I totally recommend this workshop to others especially Beginners. Thank you Kartina for this amazing session!

Mohd Hanis Jenalis

BIT Academy Sdn Bhd

Interactive workshop merely conducted online.

After attended, I realized and must complement that this is not a regular webinar I attended recently. I call this a “webinar workshop” because this is an interactive workshop merely conducted online.
During the webinar workshop, the trainer-Kartina allow participant to ask question with speaker and she will response in audio and if needed, she will ask participant to share screen to illustrate the issue. This is by far the best and most effective workshop conducted online. Kartina leave no chance for the participant to “try it yourself later”
Further more, her objective of the 2 days “webinar workshop” is for all participant to publish the app to Google Playstore. So, it is understandable why she has to conduct this online workshop with interactive approach and should be complemented.
If you are new to building mobile app, you don’t have to worry about “getting lost” along the way. As long as you raise the issue or ask question, you will get it resolved immediately during the “webinar workshop” there and then.
It is highly recommended for all who are keen to learn and build mobile app to attend this “webinar workshop”

Dr LM Foong

First Seminar Was Impressive

Today, the 4th of December 2020, I attended the zoom webinar, albeit very late.

Found the meeting was very informative, and I have a much clearer understanding.

Will find time to learn from videos, and start my journey. Lots of ideas coming in now.

Azizan Mansor

Mr - Self Employed
Bagan Serai

Great Residual Income Machine!

Fast login and loading website and extremely fast navigate between feature pages. App building is swift in adding and deleting pages. APK generation is incredibly fast. The speaker is excellent and always updates students on new Google and Apple policies. She is always motivating, inspiring students whilst being very patient when reiterating her points. Her workshop is always equipped with the latest manuals and clear instructions. Workshop facilities are good with comfortaWorkshop. Very good. Always update manuals and clear instructions. Workshop facilities is good with ample parking. I am receiving USD250 every 2 months with Admob. I am now involved in further app development with the confidence of these AMB/MAC servers.


Engineer - Goiko
TTDI, KL 60000

Testimonial for 2 days Online Build Mobile Apps

It was a very hands on online webinar workshop & Puan Kartina is a very good trainer and I am very satisfied with this workshop as this is the 1st workshop that I really managed to complete practical in just a short period of time.

Pei Qin Tan

Beginner - Raha Trading & Services

good knowledge to know

good class, All information in this class are new for me, im not IT background, however the system that provided from this program is straight forward, just important things need to understand step by step until publish successful. we learn technical parts, and Puan Kartina explain very well.



Webinar Untuk Mendalami Grafik Penyediaan Gambar

Webinar satu hari mendalami kaedah penyuntingan grafik secara langkah demi langkah untuk menghasilkan gambar menarik untuk kegunaan pembinaan apps. Meskipun kekadang terasa rumit, namun apabila dicuba dengan teliti, pendekatan Mr Rambo dengan pemantauan Madam Kartina, dapat juga membri pengalaman baru untuk menghasilkan gambar suntingan yang bermutu tinggi. Semuanya dari Webinar 1 Hari Master Apps Builder. Anda akan bermula dengan pembinaan apps tanpa koding, kemudian akan didedahkan dengan berbagai ilmu sampingan yang amat berguna untuk kerja-kerja online anda. Tidak rugi untuk menyertai kami. Jom.

Ahmad Azhar - Big Bro Screen

Pesuruhjaya Sumpah/Editor - Big Bro Screen Production

Good For Experience

The AMB is good for those who could not understand coding completely but still wish to build app.

Tang Chii Haw

Self Employed - -
Kuala Lumpur

Mobile Apps Workshop

大家好,我是SangKent,是一名拥有11年美业经验的美容师,这是我第一次接触关于app的课程,我在三天里就建造了一个属于自己美容院的app,这个app可以让顾客直接预约然后里边还可以设置一些优惠让顾客们享用!很棒!我很喜欢!当然也要谢谢Puan Kartina用心教导,谢谢你!

Sang Kent

Director - SangKent Nail & Beauty House
8-2,Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Entreprenuer Park, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur


From zero to hero. Glad I am taking the course from Apps Master Builder. The coach is guiding us thoroughly and
passionately. Thanks Ms Kartina Abd Ghani.

Muhamad Hafiz Bin Jarni

Mr - Owner
Kuala Lumpur

Informative workshop

As someone new to apps building and publishing, information share is very useful with practical tips to guide you in apps publishing. Useful excel files which very helpful reference and guide.

M Zainurul Asyraf

Owner - Zaiasolution
Wangsa Maju

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