1-day webinar on Publishing IOS App

The 1-day webinar on Publishing IOS App was conducted by a super cool and intelligent young man, Muhaimin, who is the resident expert at the AppsMasterBuilder Academy on Apple publishing. The one full day Webinar covers pre-Webinar “homework” with 17 step-by-step videos and 80-page step-by-step manual. In addition, participants were required to prepare all the necessary materials to ensure app is successfully published at the end of the day. So participants were ready and prepared for the class. The class was smooth under the capable hands of the young instructor. Even a senior citizen like me was able to clearly follow the daunting tasks. Kudos to Master Muhaimin!


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Step by step publishing for Apple App

Ini adalah pertama kali saya menghadiri kelas ‘Step by Step Apple Publishing’.
Webinar ini melalui Zoom dan semua orang dapat belajar dari skrin masing-masing.
Dalam kalangan kami, terdapat beberapa orang yang telah paparkan App mereka itu dalam tempoh sehari sahaja.
Sesi yang penuh pengalaman…

Elvina Ong

Pengurus - SM Food Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur


I get a lot of exposure how mobile app can be build without a coding and it helping for my business to growth, i really satisfied with all the module and definitely will recommend this course to my circle family and friends.

Muhammad Azharudin Bin Ghazali

Hotel Sentral

Kartina Class 2021-01-30

I love AMB platform because it allows me to create my own app without using any code. I believe apps is the way forward in the future.

In her class we are introduced to ways to create our own apps be it business and personal. Going to her class, I get to update myself with the latest information on technology.

What I love is the support system via WhatsApp group on publishing apps. I know this is way forward into the future
I’m very grateful for I was introduce to her class.



Valuable Experience

This workshop was a very fulfilling experience. I came in intending to develop a new skill learning how to build apps, but I learnt so much about not only how to make apps but business, educational stories/examples about others and new knowledge that I can apply to all aspects of life.

I came out of the workshop learning more than I would have ever thought I would.
Thank you!

Aasiyah Badlisyah


Webinar on 20-2-21 IOS app publishing to Apple

I am super excited to share my pleasant surprise to noticed that My IOS app was approved after merely 10 hours upon final submission during the webinar workshop on 20-2-21 conducted by Pn Kartina and Trainer Muhaimin.
And my app ranked in Apple App Store in position # 1 after few hours of its approval. It is possible I believed is due to the ASO ranking technique I learn from App Master Builder Academy founder – Pn Kartina and her trainer – Muhaimin.
Before the webinar, I was hesitated whether to register for the webinar because I have prior urgent preparation work to finish for my Qigong Academy. I registered as an observer anyway to at least learn App building and the publishing process. Thank goodness I managed to complete my task and changed my registration as observer to active participant.
I have not been publishing Apple IOS apps for at least 2 years and I understand that for this round, I have to generate the binary codes with xcode on MacOS platform. As I am a windows computer user, I was told to use the MAC service to access into the MacOS platform for generating the binary code.
So I did go thru the entire process though it was a bit challenging for me to maneuver between windows and MacOS. While I was stuck at a couple of occasion, the trainer literally “hand hold” me to resolved the coding issue for me via sharing of screen in Zoom. This specially assistant has been always unique for App Master Builder Academy to ensure students are able to understand and complete the app until publishing. The trainer manged to find the problem with my coding and resolved it for me to archive my binary code and upload it to the ItunesConnect.
At the last section, I need to publish to Apple App Store. Due to the changes to apple publishing steps, I was stuck again at several steps to an extend the trainer has to “invade” my computer to resolved for me. With his expertise, I managed to submit my app to app store for review.
Surprisingly, my app was approved after merely 10 hours and it is rank on position # 1 withing 24 hours.
Thanks again for Kartina and Muhaimin for their professional assistance.
Stay Safe

Dr. Foong

Retiree - freelancer
Malaysia, Subang Jaya

My Review for the 2-days Webinar for Quiz development (on 13-14Feb2021)

Fantastic webinar. Save me a lot of time in creating Quiz App in term of contents development.

Mohd Haizan, Hashim

Engineer - Lavenda Delima Network

1-day webinar on Graphics

The 1-day webinar on Graphics was conducted by an expert Graphic Designer, Master Rambo. The one full day Webinar covers pre-Webinar “homework” in which all participants were required to prepare all the necessary materials to ensure everybody was ready and prepared for the class. The class was fun and interesting. Well done Master Rambo!


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Webinar Workshop Testimonial

Great learning with AppsMasterBuilder. It’s not just a sharing info session, but really ensuring that I will see the result that I want. The class follow my pace too to suit my busy schedule, due to its progressive learning approach and continuous supports.

Aliff Salleh Mohamed

design and property
Shah Alam

Testimonial for Workshop

From knowing nothing about applications, now i able to gain knowledge how to make money by developing apps. It is hard to remember all the instructions by the instructor but they provided us all the manuals and steps to build apps in hard copy.


Worth your time and effort!

Classes are easy to follow and the people are very supportive. Pn. Kartina is an excellent and very patient teacher! Looking forward to putting out more apps on my own.

Lorraine Lim Xing Sien

student - -
Subang Jaya

Apple IOS app publishing

Managed to publish my Apple IOS app last Saturday, 20/02/21 on my own using the AMB platform under the guidance of En. Muhaimin.
Certainly a fruitful session.
Thank you very much.

Joe Tai

AMB member
Kuala Lumpur

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