2021-02-21 Rambo Advance Graphic Class

My sincere thanks to Madam Kartina and Encik Rambo for organising the webinar for Advance Graphic Class as this is the vision set by the founder of AMB to raise the standard of quality of Graphic designs


Kuala Lumpur

Penjana HRDF Mobile Apps Business

Great Class and Hands On Experience

Adrian Tan

Learning new level of how to do App better

Always improving our basic understanding of how to do better App

Chandran Gopalan

Global Lead - COINLUV

Travel apps

Sangat membantu di dalam membina app tanpa kod. Ianya juga sangat mudah. App yang dibina juga sangat menarik dan sangat membantu.

Saya cadangkan untuk semua anak muda untuk mula membina app tanpa kod dengan kos yang amat murah.

Susilawati Kasim

Government servant - UPM

webinar support

Program yang sangat menarik dan membantu


Founder - Raha beauty spa

Webinar is so interesting

This webinar is so interesting. I can improve my understanding in developing apps.

I would recommend this training to everyone who want to build apps


Government servant - JutJel Global

Apple IOS Publishing Webinar

It was very helpful webinar and full of tips to understand the steps for publishing to Apple store. The trainers were very experienced and also shared tips and made learning easier. The webinar was as good as face to face class. Thank you very much.

Juliet Anthonysamy


Testimonial for HDRF Penjana workshop

The content of the workshop is complete & fully covered for all topics regarding app building
The AMB builder platform have enough features to generate an app, more focused on business platform. The disadvantage is entering new information (push funnel) in the migafunnel feature as it needs to save a new push and need to wait for it to load before entering new one.
other than that, everything is 5 star! Puan Kartina really did well as a trainer. Thank you HDRF for this opportunity.

Khairunnisa Binti Dzeidee Schaff

Sincere Appreciation to Kartina for AMB Program

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Ms Kartina for her dedication in coaching in the Mobile Application Development for Business app. The course has been made simple and easy to learn without the need of coding and also for her continuous guidance and support for both online and offline classes. Thank you very much Ms Kartina, May God Bless You abundantly.

Tan Soo Kian

CEO - Energy Solutions

Advance Graphic

Apps Master Builder memberikan para peserta mempelajari ilmu mengenai bagaimana menghasilkan grafik yang menarik dengan mengadakan kelas webinar workshop Advance Graphic, ianya sangat menarik. Sekarang saya boleh menghasilakn gambar grafik saya dengan lebih berrkualiti, seperti pereka grafik yang profesional. Sertai Apps Mater Builder sekarang.

Izwan Alahudin

Shah Alam

A dedicated and experienced teacher

Pn is patient, knowledgeable and helpful teacher. She will ensure everyone in the class understand the course.

shermaine kon

owner/freelance - own

Everybody should join.

Everybody should join.
The online class was conducted in a very organised and well plan manner as participants can follow the steps given in the class very well until we succeed to publish our first Application in Google Play

Muhammad Hijaz b Sanusi

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