Apple IOS app publishing

Managed to publish my Apple IOS app last Saturday, 20/02/21 on my own using the AMB platform under the guidance of En. Muhaimin.
Certainly a fruitful session.
Thank you very much.

Joe Tai

AMB member
Kuala Lumpur

Good workshop and even better learning experience!

This workshop has been very insightful and a good learning experience. Madam Kartina has shared with us her rich experiences in app making which complements my learning. She is very patient and helpful as she gives advice and feedback on our ideas. This workshop is an easy way for people to earn new livelihoods especially in this difficult economy and I believe that many others will benefit from this workshop.

Mirabelle Tan

Kuala Lumpur

My review for 1-day Webinar for Advanced Graphic Class (on 21Feb2021)

Very detailed class about Advanced Graphic using GIMP free software. Now we can create stunning icon , homepage & graphic contents for our AMB Android Apps.

Mohd Haizan, Hashim

Engineer - Lavenda Delima Network

Step by step publishing for Apple App

Ini adalah pertama kali saya menghadiri kelas ‘Step by Step Apple Publishing’.
Webinar ini melalui Zoom dan semua orang dapat belajar dari skrin masing-masing.
Dalam kalangan kami, terdapat beberapa orang yang telah paparkan App mereka itu dalam tempoh sehari sahaja.
Sesi yang penuh pengalaman…

Elvina Ong

Pengurus - SM Food Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur

Useful Webinar

Very interactive way of learning how to make mobile apps. U should be able to have your own developer account and published apps at the end of the webinar session. Very effective… Looking forward to making money by building mobile apps.



Owner - AR Pro Solutions

Valuable Experience

This workshop was a very fulfilling experience. I came in intending to develop a new skill learning how to build apps, but I learnt so much about not only how to make apps but business, educational stories/examples about others and new knowledge that I can apply to all aspects of life.

I came out of the workshop learning more than I would have ever thought I would.
Thank you!

Aasiyah Badlisyah


30th & 31st Jan Webinar Mobile Application Development

This 2 days webinar really benefits for a beginner like me who wanted to learn about how to develop mobile application without coding. Thanks to Pn.Kartina for allowing to reseat this webinar for free which she allow only during MCO. This is really helpful and every time I join ..I learnt new things about mobile app. Thank you Puan Kartina for your good heart.

Patrick A/L Pitchaymuthu

Senior Executive - Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

Details and superb webinar

I am a government servant and full time sponsored student. Mostly spend time in an online class.

In Puan Katrina classes, the way she explaining and bringing the student to the exact points makes thing understandable and enjoyable.

Search no more, this is the exact programme to build apps.

hasif bin yahaya


I Gain Much Knowledge

I think is that this apps master builder is the perfect way to generate income. For this 2 days attended the webinar, I gain so much new knowledge and it is worth it. Thank you!


Developer - Creative Mindbloom

Kartina Online Class

This is my first online class on mobile applications conducted by Kartina.

The fact is I was hesitant and out of touch with this world which I have left 4 years ago.

I told her I’m suffering from neuron damage from my surgery and chemotherapy and my response is limited. I do not have the luxury like everyone else. I have to overlearn on any subject. So it’s a challenge for me. I couldn’t remember any short term instruction.

Her platform is making it easier for those who couldn’t any coding to create their own app.

I never thought I am a developer LOL in away. I love how the world has evolved and making app is so much easier than 5 years ago

Angel Ng Mei Lin

Retiree - -
Kuala Lumpur


From zero to hero. Glad I am taking the course from Apps Master Builder. The coach is guiding us thoroughly and
passionately. Thanks Ms Kartina Abd Ghani.

Muhamad Hafiz Bin Jarni

Mr - Owner
Kuala Lumpur

Apps Creation Made Easy!

I’ve been trying to make my own apps for years..
been dowloading all top ranks app development softwares available online recommended by ranking websites.

But, after i joined Puan Kartina webinar on 26 & 27 Dec 2020, i made my first app ready and up!

That’s awesome after so many attempt!

Kudos and anyone should attend this course and make you first app on your own like myself.

Thank you Puan Kartina and team AMB,
very helpful and make us easy to learn and digest.

Andry Suhermanto Bin Mansor

Designer - Bizandry Brands Network

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