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AMB Toolkit nampak lebih mudah dari yang saya belajar sebelum ini. Saya pernah cuba coding tapi tak menjadi pula. Saya ada satu program yang saya buat menggunakan Microsoft Excel dan digunakan oleh Jabatan tempat saya bekerja dahulu, dan saya nak cuba tukar jadi apps menggunakan AMB Toolkit.
Setakat ini saya ada 4 idea untuk buat apps. Saya akan cuba perlahan-lahan memahami langkah demi langkah menggunakan AMB Toolkit. All the best untuk saya 🙂
Terima kasih puan untuk video.

Norashikin binti Jamaludin

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Kuala Lumpur


The webinars are interactive with step by step for building apps with various apps being shared in the sessions. I gain new knowledge to learn on building different apps. I can also gain help from the AMB tools and videos from the academy to follow the steps for building apps.

Juliet Pashini


Program yang baik

Program yang baik bagi mereka yang minat menerokai ilmu mobile apps.


Executive - Masa Kiara Sdn Bhd
Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Webinar 2 Days Testimonial

Joining this 2 Days Webinar on building your own Mobile Apps without any coding is very beneficial to understand the process and flow of building your own mobile apps without any coding.

Syaari Mokhtar

Business Owner - Rekrea Multimedia Universe
Bandar Baru Bangi

Professional Certificate Mobile Apps Business

Very informative and it’s an eye-opening for me on how to create mobile apps with possibilities to create passive income with step-by-step guide by the trainer. I really recommend this course to all.

Farid Ambiah

Mobile Apps Workshop

大家好,我是SangKent,是一名拥有11年美业经验的美容师,这是我第一次接触关于app的课程,我在三天里就建造了一个属于自己美容院的app,这个app可以让顾客直接预约然后里边还可以设置一些优惠让顾客们享用!很棒!我很喜欢!当然也要谢谢Puan Kartina用心教导,谢谢你!

Sang Kent

Director - SangKent Nail & Beauty House
8-2,Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Entreprenuer Park, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur

Great webinar

I have zero knowledge in graphics designing but I gain a lot of knowledge joining this webinar. Thank you master Rambo for teaching us!

Mohamad Hazrul Bin Mohamad Zaini

Engineer - Private Company

Graphic Advance Testimony

Great teaching by Rambo on the graphic advance. Really enjoy it and give us more options to expand our creativity to edit.

Adrian Tan

Subang Jaya

Awesome Program

Superb, excellent & fantastic.

With no IT background and no programming & coding knowledge, I would be able to develop mobile apps for my business & for passive income on my own.

I had bad experiences dealing with mobile apps workshop & programmer before this. I have attended one mobile apps workshop with the hope & expectation that I can develop the apps on my own. Up until now, no head & tail. Then I engaged a programmer to build my apps, same thing happened. Have wasted my time & money.

Not until I met Puan Kartina and attended her two workshops: Business & Passive, Within 2 months, I have already published 7 apps in Google Play & 2 apps in App Store.

She taught us everything from A to Z, keyswords & trends, dos & don’ts, gave tips & even taught us how build games apps.

I just followed what she taught in class, refer her notes, videos & manuals and asked questions. Now with new high speed server in place, it was now even more interesting & enjoyable to build apps.

Thumbs up & 5 star to Apps Master Builder, Puan Kartina & teams. Keep up a good work…

Helmy Murad Harun Rasit

Managing Director - 23 Journeys Sdn Bhds / Dot Two Dot Net Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur

Apple App Publishing Testimony

Clear and Great Step by Step on Apple App Publishing. Overall comprehensive webinar.

Adrian Tan

Subang Jaya

Best webinar ever!

The Apple publishing wasn’t an easy task. However, Cik Katrina and Muhaimin did a good job. Muhaimin was so patient with all of us. Hope more lasses like this can be conducted again.

Jasvinder Kaur

Director - Grace Destiny Enterprise

Lifetime support in the apps building journey

With the constant changing in the terms and conditions of the respective app stores, keeping abreast with those is important.

The lifetime support by MAB makes it possible to keep up and update the apps accordingly.


Homemaker - n/a
Kuala Lumpur

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