1-day webinar on Graphics

The 1-day webinar on Graphics was conducted by an expert Graphic Designer, Master Rambo. The one full day Webinar covers pre-Webinar “homework” in which all participants were required to prepare all the necessary materials to ensure everybody was ready and prepared for the class. The class was fun and interesting. Well done Master Rambo!


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

HDRF Penjana Mobile Apps Workshop

I’m thankful to HDRF Penjana for sponsoring and giving people the opportunity to attend this workshop. This workshop has equipped me with new skills and knowledge I can use to create apps and generate different sources of income. The platform is easy to use and a great tool to have in anyone’s arsenal. Very cool to be able to have an app published in 5 days. Overall, a valuable experience that is organised and run well by the Apps Masters Builder team. Thank you!

Zulaikha Badlisyah


Content Packed Webinar

A complete guide from scratch until launch, building mobile apps webinar, with tips and advise, the do and the donts, in order to build an apps that will be on top demands. An awesome speaker, with smooth explanations yet easy to understand. This is a full recommended webinar for all.

Ahmad Azhar Mohamed Kechik

Commissioner For Oaths
Kuala Lumpur

Penjana Professional Certificate mobile apps business

Interesting program. Madam teach step by step which make me easy to understand the flow of the platform.

Sabariah Binti Mohd saiful Rahim

Advanced Graphics Webinar Workshop

Something new and advance for me. Thank you Rambo and Pn Kartina organising this workshop for us to learning. Appreciate and thank you. 😘

Kelly Yan Sook Arh

Assistant Sales Manager - Maha Chemical Sdn Bhd

Easy to understand

The learning process for 2 days webinar is easy to understand and all the participant can generate apk & publish in the end of class.

Aziq Khusairi

Platfom Terbaik Bina Aplikasi Tanpa Kod

Sangat2 rekomen pada sahabat2 yang ingin Bina Aplikasi Dalam Talian Tanpa Kod di musim PKP ni bersama platfom pembangunan aplikasi mudah alih AMB CMS.
Bina aplikasi secara mudah drag & drop tanpa pengekodan dan jana pendapatan us dollar..
Kembangkan perniagaan dengan bina aplikasi untuk cipta kolam database customer anda.
Paling best tenaga pengajar yang awesome.
Kelas Webinar dalam dwibahasa iaitu English dan Bahasa Melayu.

Faisal Bin Zainudin

Business - Faisal Bin zainudin
Tanjung Malim, Perak

Informative workshop

As someone new to apps building and publishing, information share is very useful with practical tips to guide you in apps publishing. Useful excel files which very helpful reference and guide.

M Zainurul Asyraf

Owner - Zaiasolution
Wangsa Maju

Webinar Training

Very well organised training. The trainer Pn Kartina is superb and the result and benefits I gain from this webinar training is equivalent to hand on workshop.

Raymond Yong

Finance Manager - Weir Malaysia


To find the mobile apps class in malaysia through internet, almost of the times the link will be brought to madam katrina class. I would say more than 70%, the rest is other class. Try it yourself

In one day class, I will be able to publish one apps in google playstore, very knowledgeable instructor and responsive to question, good programmed structure.

If you are looking for mobile apps class, stop looking! you already found it!


HRDF Penjana Development Program

TQVM for all the knowledge and experience shared. This class is golden, Puan Kartina has showed us and walked us through whole process of app development. She guided us and shared her precious experiences, in every up and downs in the process in order to accelerate our learning experience. I really recommend this class to everyone who wish to upgrade themselves in mobile app development. Would have solid product after workshop ends.

Ahmad Yusuf

Kajang, Malaysia

Details and superb webinar

I am a government servant and full time sponsored student. Mostly spend time in an online class.

In Puan Katrina classes, the way she explaining and bringing the student to the exact points makes thing understandable and enjoyable.

Search no more, this is the exact programme to build apps.

hasif bin yahaya


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