Webinar 2 Days Testimonial

Joining this 2 Days Webinar on building your own Mobile Apps without any coding is very beneficial to understand the process and flow of building your own mobile apps without any coding.

Syaari Mokhtar

Business Owner - Rekrea Multimedia Universe
Bandar Baru Bangi

Mobile Apps for Business

Thanks to Pn Kartina for sharing knowledge on how to built mobile apps easier without coding. This helps me a lot in built a mobile app and to try all feature in the system with the help of your video tutorials. Also much thanks for sharing extra tips/knowledge/techniques. May God bless you always.

Muhammad Aziq

Buat Mobile App melalui webinar

2 hari kursus yang memang bermanfaat kepada sesiapa yang ingin belajar bagaimana nak buat Mobile Application walaupun kita tidak ada pengetahuan programming.

Patrick AL Pitchaymuthu

Snr.Executive - Honda Malaysia
Durian Tunggal


A well guided step by step class . The workshop is insightful , interactive, practical and informative. Pn Kartina is a very engaging trainer.

Chin Nam Fui

Director - CBD Properties (USJ) Sdn Bhd
Subang Jaya


Every moment in this workshop is worth it!

Philip Chan

Selangor, Malaysia


“Selalunya kita hanyalah pengguna” Kita guna Aplikasi sedia ada ada di pasaran. Saya mencari kelainan dengan hadir belajar di Apps Master Builder (AMB) dan saya temuinya. Selain platform yang mudah difahami untuk non-background IT seperti saya, jurulatih yang memberi tunjuk ajar adalah berpengalaman dan sangat dedikasi. Rebutlah peluang untuk menjadi pembina aplikasi.


Manager - YaPEIM

Fast App Builder Server

I have tried out the new app builder server and it loads pages very fast. Thanks Pn Kartina for your investments into improving the experience!


Penjana Professional Certificate mobile apps business

Interesting program. Madam teach step by step which make me easy to understand the flow of the platform.

Sabariah Binti Mohd saiful Rahim

Webinar Training

Very well organised training. The trainer Pn Kartina is superb and the result and benefits I gain from this webinar training is equivalent to hand on workshop.

Raymond Yong

Finance Manager - Weir Malaysia

Webinar for all ages and international participations

This Webinar is a much-needed platform to continue to learn and refresh on the techniques of app building. I am a 59 years old Malaysian who is working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being away from Malaysia I am glad for the webinar as I am able to follow the workshops facilitated by Mdm Kartina who clearly explains what needs to be done. I am really happy and looking forward to follow more workshops via webinar.


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Wonderful Trainer & App Building Platform

Enormous and most sincere thanks to master Kartina. The style and the knowledge of the master are totally amazing. Her sense of humour and honesty about the app building tasks ahead for everyone helps make challenging subject matter accessible. AMB Academy online & Whatsapp support are really extremely great. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insight you’ve shared.

Liew Yen Ching

Shah Alam

Penjana Professional Certificate Mobile Apps Business

Awesome Workshop. In 5 day we learn how to make an Apps non coding. Trainer and management are very good in handling we who want to learn in this program.Thank you for this opportunities.

Muhammad Danial

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