2 days create mobile apps without coding webinar workshop

Easy Ways To Generate  Massive Income Through Mobile Apps Development Without Coding!  


Income derived as soon as you create your Mobile Apps!

Your Customers Are Mobile... Is Your Business???

Mobile Apps Workshop is a  training program that is easy   and simple for you and those who want  to earn massive passive income   easily without requiring the knowledge of computer programming.

Learn   effective methods to create mobile apps   in the creation of games , selling products and services on Google Android Playstore and Apple iOS Itunes Store from the comfort of your home.

Mobile Apps Workshop provides   unlimited support & assistance   to all students that attend our workshops.

How often have you heard yourself saying

# 1 best-seller in Malaysia & Worldwide PROVEN to produce the most number of successful entrepreneurs in Mobile Apps !

Jude Abel Logijin

“Very happy with apps income Oct – USD41, Nov – USD165, Dec – USD550, Jan – USD1800. Expected Feb USD3000. Thanks for sharing and guidance. Without your help will not reach this far. Really help me and Fanny a lot with more to come. Thank you from both of us”.

Mohd Izwan Ahmad

Keep building good quality and beneficial App guys…  Hope This may inspire some of you, I would like to share good news that in April 2020 alone, my only Cepat Quran App generate RM25750.00

Kee Nee Yeoh

I’m happy to discover Mobile Apps. With Mobile Apps I’m able to create mobile apps within less than an hour. After joining 2 months creating mobile app, I finally able to achieve a passive income. My highest income a day was USD130!!!

Alawiyah Abdul Rahman

Hello Everyone, wanna share good news with everyone. I just close a deal to write and app for RM16k today. Plus 1-year maintenance. So grateful. I thank everyone for all the support especially to our Sifu Master Kartina.


Haji Ali Yahaya

Even-though I am an IT savvy person, I adore the simplicity and the ease of use of the AMB Server to develop mobile applications. Whatever amount that I have invested in adopting this simplicity has been fully recovered with the knowledge that I have gained and my own business mobile app.

Helmy Murad Harun Rasit

Superb, excellent & fantastic.

With no IT background and no programming & coding knowledge, I would be able to develop mobile apps for my business & for passive income on my own.


As a mother of four who are growing up and need full attention, I want a flexible job that I can do anytime and anywhere. Doing mobile apps is the one.

Clara Pat Ro

It’s so easy to use this app builder as we don’t need a prior coding knowledge. The best part is we can access the app builder anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop.

Thomas Barik

“I have 50 apps and gaining USD150 per day”

Tang Chii Haw

The AMB is good for those who could not understand coding completely but still wish to build app..

Ahmad Yusuf

TQVM for all the knowledge and experience shared. This program is golden, Puan Kartina has showed us and walked us through whole process of app development. She guided us and shared her precious experiences, in every up and downs in the process in order to accelerate our learning experience. I really recommend this program to everyone who wish to upgrade themselves in mobile app development. Would have solid product after program ends

Mohd Ezwan Bin Elias

Pn Kartina is a really good Mobile App Trainer and her platforms is really impressive. Whatever mobile apps that you have in mind, most of the features is already there in the AMB platform. She teaches you from A – Z, until your app is ready to be published.
I would really recommend AMB to others as is it a really terrific mobile apps builder platforms those who interested in learning it, on top of all, Pn Kartina is really an excellent trainer. 🙂 Thanks You very much Pn Kartina!

The workshop is fully equipped and easy to generate active income from your business or passive income all the time

Here are the problems that you may face ...

Mobile App WEBINAR WORKSHOP will reveal & show the smart way to build mobile app on smart phone and give you a great competitive edge over other competitors ... with a simple, cheap and fast solution.

Mobile App Webinar Workshop will reveal the smart way to build mobile app on smart phone and give you a great competitive edge over other competitors ... with a simple, cheap and fast solution.

Mobile Business Apps Key Success:-



Digital transformation – Get on board or get left behind

Mobile apps is the latest digital marketing tool

Join Our Webinar Workshop Today!!!


1) 2 & 3 JANUARY 2021 (Closed)

2) 16 & 17 JANUARY 2021 (Open For Registration)

Time & Training Method:

⏰: 10.00am – 5.00pm (GMT+8)

Workshop will be held Via Zoom. Info will be send via email upon payment made.

If you do not have Zoom account:
1. Download “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” application.
2. Sign Up “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”.
3. Verified “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” using your email.
4. Click “Join Meeting”
5. Using the Meeting ID= XXX XXXX XXXX and Passcode.

The workshop is fully equipped and easy to generate income for your business or as a passive income on all the time

Upon Completion of the Workshop we provide these supports for your continuous development at no extra charges: 


Big Benefit When You Join The Class!!!

We shall coach you to create your own mobile apps and grow together with your business!!!

Who Should Attend ?


how to create an app
how to create an app
how to create an app
how to create an app


for business owners & those aspiring mobile apps apprenuers.....!!!

You can begin to achieve your ambitions TOGETHER with us ... Join our 2 Days Create Mobile Apps WIthout Coding Webinar Workshop Now....

YOU can achieved these fast with INCOME from mobile app business:






Participants Testimonials

Testimonial for 2 days Online Build Mobile Apps

It was a very hands on online webinar workshop & Puan Kartina is a very good trainer and I am very satisfied with this workshop as this is the 1st workshop that I really managed to complete practical in just a short period of time.

Pei Qin Tan

Beginner - Raha Trading & Services

Great Mobile App Training

With zero tech knowledge, Puan Kartina made something so daunting into simple steps. The training is really easy to follow and Puan Kartina really coached from the heart to ensure all of us are following. Will definitely be more active.

Cindy Tan

Owner - QuirkyOil
Petaling Jaya

Webinar is so interesting

This webinar is so interesting. I can improve my understanding in developing apps.

I would recommend this training to everyone who want to build apps


Government servant - JutJel Global

I Gain Much Knowledge

I think is that this apps master builder is the perfect way to generate income. For this 2 days attended the webinar, I gain so much new knowledge and it is worth it. Thank you!




Pertama kali sertai kelas membina aplikasi android. Rumusan kelas , sangat memuaskan, penerangan yang diberi jelas dan mudah difahami. Segala persoalan yang diajukan mendapat jawapan serta merta. Dapat menyiapkan aplikasi dalam masa dua hari. Berbaloi sertai kepada sesiapa yang ingin menambah ilmu pengetahuan dan juga pendapatan.

saiful azwan

shah alam


To find the mobile apps class in malaysia through internet, almost of the times the link will be brought to madam katrina class. I would say more than 70%, the rest is other class. Try it yourself

In one day class, I will be able to publish one apps in google playstore, very knowledgeable instructor and responsive to question, good programmed structure.

If you are looking for mobile apps class, stop looking! you already found it!


Details and superb webinar

I am a government servant and full time sponsored student. Mostly spend time in an online class.

In Puan Katrina classes, the way she explaining and bringing the student to the exact points makes thing understandable and enjoyable.

Search no more, this is the exact programme to build apps.

hasif bin yahaya



Program yang sangat baik untuk buat Apps

Ahmad Fadzli Abdul Konon


Travel apps

Sangat membantu di dalam membina app tanpa kod. Ianya juga sangat mudah. App yang dibina juga sangat menarik dan sangat membantu.

Saya cadangkan untuk semua anak muda untuk mula membina app tanpa kod dengan kos yang amat murah.

Susilawati Kasim

Government servant - UPM

Amazing and awesome webinar!

Amazing and awesome webinar! This 2 Day Mobile Apps Masterclass Webinar was very helpful and inspire me to develop my own app. The best part, no coding needed! Very practical and hands on session and you can build and publish your first app immediately.
I totally recommend this workshop to others especially Beginners. Thank you Kartina for this amazing session!

Mohd Hanis Jenalis


The way of teaching and guidance are more friendly and helpful

This is more useful and also more convenience way to learn and increasing my knowledge on creating an app for my own and for passive income…. the way of teaching and guidance are more friendly and helpful for me create an app …thanks and keep on updating information and also group discussion support, really appreciate your guidance



Sangat tak sangka sy dapat buat apps.. dah bertahun mencari tapi xjumpa.. nak minta org lain buat mahal pula xmampu.. nak buat sendiri xpandai pula.. huhuhu..

join kelas webinar ni 2 hari ja pun xsangka sangat dah boleh buat apps sendiri.. syukur sangat ALHAMDULILLAH

semoga lebih ramai org kita join kelas sebegini.. banyak manfaat

ikhlas paksu saifulgpe
*nanti jangan lupa download apps saya tau.. cari ja paksusoft


org lama - saifulgpe

App making made easy by Sifu Karthina

Awesome class. Smooth way of delivering information. The course was made so crystal clear and brought with fun thru out the whole 8+8 hours. Very informational and would be extremely helpful for us to make some passive income…..Thank you Sifu Karthina

Mohan Prabu

Manager - VJC Insulation Sdn Bhd

Kartina Online Class

This is my first online class on mobile applications conducted by Kartina.

The fact is I was hesitant and out of touch with this world which I have left 4 years ago.

I told her I’m suffering from neuron damage from my surgery and chemotherapy and my response is limited. I do not have the luxury like everyone else. I have to overlearn on any subject. So it’s a challenge for me. I couldn’t remember any short term instruction.

Her platform is making it easier for those who couldn’t any coding to create their own app.

I never thought I am a developer LOL in away. I love how the world has evolved and making app is so much easier than 5 years ago

Angel Ng Mei Lin

Retiree - -
Kuala Lumpur

Webinar for all ages and international participations

This Webinar is a much-needed platform to continue to learn and refresh on the techniques of app building. I am a 59 years old Malaysian who is working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Being away from Malaysia I am glad for the webinar as I am able to follow the workshops facilitated by Mdm Kartina who clearly explains what needs to be done. I am really happy and looking forward to follow more workshops via webinar.


University Professor - University of Hail, Saudi Arabia
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

You don’t have to know coding in order to develop an apps!

This is a very good webinar where you will be exposed to the basic info and skills on how to develop a mobile apps.

What’s the best part? You don’t have to know coding in order to develop an apps! Wowwwwww!

Lets participate!

Norhayati Binti Mohd Idris

Interactive workshop merely conducted online.

After attended, I realized and must complement that this is not a regular webinar I attended recently. I call this a “webinar workshop” because this is an interactive workshop merely conducted online.
During the webinar workshop, the trainer-Kartina allow participant to ask question with speaker and she will response in audio and if needed, she will ask participant to share screen to illustrate the issue. This is by far the best and most effective workshop conducted online. Kartina leave no chance for the participant to “try it yourself later”
Further more, her objective of the 2 days “webinar workshop” is for all participant to publish the app to Google Playstore. So, it is understandable why she has to conduct this online workshop with interactive approach and should be complemented.
If you are new to building mobile app, you don’t have to worry about “getting lost” along the way. As long as you raise the issue or ask question, you will get it resolved immediately during the “webinar workshop” there and then.
It is highly recommended for all who are keen to learn and build mobile app to attend this “webinar workshop”

Dr LM Foong

2 Days Webinar




Buat Mobile App melalui webinar

2 hari kursus yang memang bermanfaat kepada sesiapa yang ingin belajar bagaimana nak buat Mobile Application walaupun kita tidak ada pengetahuan programming.

Patrick AL Pitchaymuthu

Snr.Executive - Honda Malaysia
Durian Tunggal

Amazing App Builder!

Thank you so much Puan Kartina…your guidance & experience very very appreciated!

This webinar was very insightful.
Its really worth of learning!
The amazing part…build your own app without any coding!

Don’t missed the opportunity! Join now!


Shah Alam

Wuz a great experience

It wuz a great experience – am convinced that I can begin generating apps daily. Hope is high towards successes – Thank you Kartina – I couldn’t have done it without you .

Dr Nik Zamela Abdul Majid

Platfom Terbaik Bina Aplikasi Tanpa Kod

Sangat2 rekomen pada sahabat2 yang ingin Bina Aplikasi Dalam Talian Tanpa Kod di musim PKP ni bersama platfom pembangunan aplikasi mudah alih AMB CMS.
Bina aplikasi secara mudah drag & drop tanpa pengekodan dan jana pendapatan us dollar..
Kembangkan perniagaan dengan bina aplikasi untuk cipta kolam database customer anda.
Paling best tenaga pengajar yang awesome.
Kelas Webinar dalam dwibahasa iaitu English dan Bahasa Melayu.

Faisal Bin Zainudin

Business - Faisal Bin zainudin
Tanjung Malim, Perak

2 Days Online Apps Workshop is a superb course.

2 Days Online Apps Workshop is a superb course.
Ms Kartina shared many case study that apps can earn passive income.
She also shared rules from Google and Apple to guide us to publish app easily.
Lastly, I would like to thank Ms Kartina to assist me to build passive income waterpipe during Covid-19 period.

Frank Kee

2 Days Webinar Workshop

More convenience and simplified teaching & guidelines on create mobile apps and the platform


2day workshop - Millennium Creators

Bina Apps Tanpa Coding

Program yang dibawa oleh Apps Master Builder sangat berguna pada saya yang tidak ada pengetahuan mengenai pembangunan apps terutamanya berkaitan coding.
Dalam dua hari kelas webinar yang saya sertai telah membuatkan saya faham bagaimana membangunkan apps.
Terima kasih AMB

Mohd Izwan Bin Alahudin

Shah Alam

Useful Webinar

Very interactive way of learning how to make mobile apps. U should be able to have your own developer account and published apps at the end of the webinar session. Very effective… Looking forward to making money by building mobile apps.




Generate passive income thru create mobile apps

A quick way and low investment to generate passive income thru create mobile apps

Ashton Tan

Business Owner

Informative workshop with interactive learning session

Very informative online workshop to learn to create app step-by-step in just 2 days. Useful tips and guidance given by Pn Kartina and all members shared their scenarios to learn together also.



Apps Creation Made Easy!

I’ve been trying to make my own apps for years..
been dowloading all top ranks app development softwares available online recommended by ranking websites.

But, after i joined Puan Kartina webinar on 26 & 27 Dec 2020, i made my first app ready and up!

That’s awesome after so many attempt!

Kudos and anyone should attend this course and make you first app on your own like myself.

Thank you Puan Kartina and team AMB,
very helpful and make us easy to learn and digest.

Andry Suhermanto Bin Mansor


Content Packed Webinar

A complete guide from scratch until launch, building mobile apps webinar, with tips and advise, the do and the donts, in order to build an apps that will be on top demands. An awesome speaker, with smooth explanations yet easy to understand. This is a full recommended webinar for all.

Ahmad Azhar Mohamed Kechik

Commissioner For Oaths
Kuala Lumpur


About Apps Master Builder Lead Trainer

Founder Kartina Abdul Ghani

Kartina Abdul Ghani launched Apps Master Builder to fill a gap in the market: that is, to help entrepreneurs create and update mobile apps and generate a passive income without the need to code.

“I’ve been in mobile apps niche since 2013. I truly believe in one thing:

I truly believe that entrepreneurs are here to help make other people’s lives better and easier…

By creating mobile apps that solve people’s problems.

Many of these experts in their fields but they but they struggle to develop & designed their own customized mobile apps as they don’t know coding’s. And they end up paying high money to programmers and coders without having much success and thinks mobile apps can’t help their business.  And it’s a pity as Mobile Apps Is the Hottest Trends & Digital Marketing Tools in The World Now.


I Created The AMB Toolkit

I don’t want you to feel horrible. Overwhelmed. And frustrated.

Thanks to AMB Toolkit…

You NEVER EVER have to spend months or years learning coding’s from scratch again! 

Never Ever!

That’s Why I’m on a Mission

The mission is to help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mobile Apps Enthusiasts, & Passive Income Opportunist to create their own Mobile Apps, save money, save time & publish to Both Google Play Store, & Apple Appstore.

If you are one of them…

then I’m here to help you….

A registered HRDF trainer since 2014, she has trained more than 800 full-time mobile apprenuers to date—and more than 10,000 people have completed her FREE Intro to Mobile Apps Workshop.

She has published more than 500 apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store. In addition to creating her own mobile apps, Kartina trains entrepreneurs online and onsite at her training center in Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Previously, Kartina served as Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer and helped to launch a bio-tech company ar-Raudhah Bio-tech Sdn Bhd, which was later awarded a Bio-Nexus and Pioneer Status Company. She was also the Lead Trainer at the ar-Raudhah Training Centre.

Earlier,  she also worked with the Kauthar Sdn Bhd Group of Companies, where she was involved in Construction, Property Management, and Tourism and working on projects worth more than RM 800 million. 

Kartina holds a BBA, UiTM, Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management (Project Management), UTM & Professional Diploma in Internet Business & Social Media, OUM. She is a Certified Professional Intellectual Property Manager, MIM, and an ex-Army Officer with the rank of Captain in the Rejimen Askar Wataniah, where she served from 1989 until 2012.

Mobile apps, spending quality time with her 5 sons, and mountain climbing are her current passions. For more information, please visit kartinaabdulghani.com, funmobileapp.com and appsmasterbuilder.com.

how to create an app


how to create an app

If you have any questions or need further information, please email us at